Baby Sundews (pic)

lindaflower(7 DFW)July 18, 2006

Hi all - My lanceleaf is having babies. I just got it about 2 weeks ago and repotted it and there are babies growing around the rim of the pot.

Should I transplant them or is it okay for them to get a little crowded first?

I imagine to remove them now I could just pinch a gob of sphagnum moss at their base and pull it out(?)

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They're literally connected to the roots of the parent plant. I would leave them as is. They'll be fine.

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lindaflower(7 DFW)

Oh, okay. I thought sundews spread by seeds and was not aware that they spread by underground runners. I'd hate to pinch them out and not have good root development on their own.


I'm a Grandma! And triplets!

I was at Lowes today and saw a d. Californica that was fried. I pulled the leaves up (someone had already opened the cube... I swear) but there was no green stuff to salvage.

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Sundews are an interesting genus. Some (pigmy) propogate by gemmae, while their seeds are pretty much useless.

Some do indeed are best with seeds (intermedia & anglica)

Some do best as leaf cuttings (filiformis & binata)

Some will spread through the roots (adelae)

And some can do seeds, cuttings, and roots (capensis)

Yup, sometimes it's a matter of good timing with the garden centers. Sounds like they are dew (sic) for a new shipment!

Here's one I salvaged from Lowes last summer:

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