I'm Looking for Cobra Plants

CAST1(9b Arizona)July 24, 2013

My younger brother is becoming interested in carnivorous plants and he asked for a cobra plant. What are some good websites that sell these?

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Hey Cast, I seen some listed on ebay this morning, also some seed.

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These are fairly picky plants and not for beginners. Try California Carnivors or Sarracenia Northwest.

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Darlingtonia are a little more difficult than many carnivores. They like cool conditions and cool root run. They are also slow growers. They come from the Northern California coastal mountains where it is cloudy and cool all the time and their roots are in or near moving water.

Tough carnivorous plants are Nepenthes Miranda and Ventrata (often available at big box stores). Miranda has quite large, colorful pitchers. Highland and intermediate elevation Nepenthes are generally pretty easy to grow as long as you don't let temps get too low. They are not as picky about water as drosera and sarracenia. I live in San Diego where my water has over 700 TDS and I water them with tap water. They don't seem to care.

Sarracenias are also quite tough. Although in much of Arizona they will want shade to part shade due to lack of humidity and the amazing amount of sun and heat. These definitely need reverse osmosis, distilled or rain water if TDS is over 100.

Drosera binata are easy but pretty much disappear during winter. They also prefer to have some shade in hot, high light conditions. Drosera capensis is quite tough also.

Start with something that will be successful. Avoid Darlingtonia and Heliamphora until everybody is really into the hobby.

I can totally recommend the Mike Wang sarracenia at California Carnivores. Big beautiful and healthy.

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