Chrysalis on milkweed leaf

chmpgntst(USDA 10 Sunet 23/24)October 20, 2012

Hi all,

I have a few milkweed plants and a whole bunch of beautiful caterpillars on my patio. Yesterday, a small cat went to chrysalis on a milkweed leaf. I was pretty surprised -- he didn't look big enough to be ready, but I guess nature knows better? Anyway, I am wondering if I should leave the chrysalis on the leaf and risk one of the others somehow damaging it by eating the leaf, or if it's better left untouched.



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Amy, this happened to me recently on a potted plant too. I removed the entire leaf and taped it securely to an overhang in my kitchen.

If you leave it on the plant, it's very possible another caterpillar could chew through the leaf and send the chrysalis falling to the ground.

Hope this helps, Tony

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I agree with Tony�take the leaf off. I usually just drape the leaf over the top of a smaller container so that the pupa can hang into the container. I keep watch over the pupa and when it appears to be ready to eclose as a butterfly, remove the leaf and place it outdoors. :) A clothespin can be used to pin the leaf to whatever you want to hold it to.

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