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KvotheOctober 12, 2013

hello everyone.

I got sad news, my 2 baby cats just died for unknown reason. My third big cat attached himself and after one day fell down with half of his body missing :(

Now i am transfering my remaining 2 pupas to the garden shed. I made a plastc box with many air holes and put some sticks inside, problem is that when i took pupas down I was as careful as I could, sadly it seems I was not careful enough. I managed to attach first one on to the stick, he is attached losely, i cant seem to attach second one. They were both attached to the netting before but when i took them down it, seems i failed to get second one down with it's sticky thread. Please help me what do i do now?

Thank you soo much in advanse

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runmede(7a Virginia)

What species are you talking about?

All pupae can be easily detached by spraying with water, waiting a few seconds, and carefully pulling the silk loose.

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Not sure with what kind of pupa /chrysalis you have...but here is my suggestion on what to do if you manage to pull it off. This always works for me because sometimes my monarch cats stick themselves in places where they dont belong like top side of the tupperware lid, or edge of a jar. Goodluck:-)

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Thank you so much hawaiiponder!!! They are black wsallowtails.
I detached them because i need to put them in unheated shed and the netting i maade for them wldnt protect them from the mice. I took simple plastic container and made plenty tiny holes for the air circulation. Now i read somewhere that even in unheated shed chysalises have trouble developing because of luck of humidity. They advised to keep them outside, i could hide the box under the bush, but lid has holes as well and rain would get in. Any suggestions ?

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hmmmm...not familiar of how chilly it is in your area, and I believe from previous readings that some chrysalis do not eclose because if its too cold they go on " wintering" correct me if I am wrong. and if not maybe your swallowtails wont come out until next spring...or you can put them on a plastic container from your kitchen, I used an old plastic colander once. how cold it is now in your area? I like black swallowtails, I think they are so pretty. we only have Chinese swallowtail or citrus swallowtail in my area.

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KC Clark - Zone 2012-6a OH

My BST chrysalises spend all winters in an unheated detached outbuilding with no problems. All of them have been removed from whatever they attached themselves to. Next year, all of them will be laid on a surface that provides them something to grab when they are eclosing (I use paper towels). The butterflies will then climb up something I have provided for them (netting or sticks) and dry off.

I used to waste my time re-hanging chrysalises until I figured out I was wasting my time. :)

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Thanks everyone for your help and support. I live in northen part of France and we are having weird weather, some days it's warm enough to wear just long sleave tshirtsvand some days we have to wear coats. I have been seeing plenty of butterflies up until recently. Manely on butterfly bushes in town, they were laden with peacock and red admirals. I have also seen plenty pf blue butterflies in the park. Now butterfly bushes have dried flowers and while I do see ocasional butterfly on a sunny day, it's nowhere near the amount I used to see. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have never laid eyes on Black Swallowtail, if they emerge next spring it'll be the first time.
I have to mention that due to my stupidity I made breathing holes on the lid of a plastic container and when I went to check them chrysalises were wet. Now they are dry, but is there a danger of them developing mold? Or not emerging due to being wet?
I am probably the only person who had most numerous questions while only having 2 cats to care for.

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runmede(7a Virginia)

They need to periodically get wet. In nature that is what happens. They get rained on and they have dew in the morning.

"1. Pupae and Mature Last Instar Larvae. Keep in container with screen top. Mist spray every 14 days or so during the front end of winter; every 7 days or so on the back end. Adjust according to how immatures respond to humidity in their natural habitat. This group of immatures are LEAST sensitive to dessication and mold."

Also, please go to the website and read the info on "Overwintering Techniques".

Here is a link that might be useful: Overwintering Techniques

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I overwintered five BST's in our 3 season porch. Starting in January I sprayed the chrysalides about 7-8 times twice a month on days it was above freezing.

All 5 of them hatched and appeared healthy. Not sure if spraying made a difference, but it certainly didn't hurt, Tony

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KC Clark - Zone 2012-6a OH

I never mist/wet any of my overwintering butterfly chrysalises and I guarantee they are not in a position to get wet from any other sources. The humidity in the outbuilding is good enough to see them through the winter.


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