Venus Flytrap help please

fly_trap_2010July 8, 2010

Hey everyone.

new to the venus flytrap & this

Anyways, I have a couple of questions about the venus flytrap.

I bought this one about 2 months ago, it look fine & healthy it`s growing new traps. I just recently bought a mini terraium for the venus flytrap I have transplanted the plant into the terraium already. I didn`t have peat moss,so I used poor nurtient dirt (from my back yard), which I have NOT put any special soil in to,at all since I bought the house. I also, put rocks on the bottom, for it to drain, & the dirt in there, has little rocks (just like it would in the wild i`m assuming..?)From what I was reading, they grow in swaps & bogs,so I figured the dirt from there,would be something close to their natural environment.

I just did it yesterday,so I guess we will see if it live`s well in it`s new home.

Need some help,so I need all the info, I can get.

P.s. if the dirt isn`t right for the plant (i`m waiting on some answers to see),I really don`t want to move it again,so that`s why I said I`ll leave it & see what happens.

Let me know what you guys think, the Experts !

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They rally need to be outside. A mix of sand and peat, with orchid moss on top is a good mix.... not the soil from your backyard.

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I Agree. Outside and in FULL SUN all day. But you'll have to slowly get them used to the Sun if they don't get any now.

Just say NO to terrariums for CPs. Peat moss and sand or peat moss and perlite. A 50/50 mix of either is fine.

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Thanks for the tips. I actually put in a pot with my other venus flytrap, that I bought the other day, & it is doing well in the peat moss, I believe it`s called.

Thanks for the help, it seems to be doing well, but I will know better in a week or so i`m assuming.

One more question actually. I have 3 traps on the plant with a red hue in the mouth,is this caused by being in direct sunlight...? I would like to know how to get the rest of the traps looking the same.However, my flytrap`s have both green & red hue mouth one`s.

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Yes, the more Sun the more red they tend to be. They should be out in full Sun, every day, all day.

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twotut(N.Ca.foothills zn 9)

If I'm not mistaken, orchid moss is a no-no. Use long fibered sphagnum moss. Is that right guys?


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Orchid moss from Lowes, $4.24, is LFS. That's the good stuff. Spanish moss is that bad stuff.

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i used sphangum miracle grow moss would that work? i was kind of worried because on the internet it said no fertelizers so i was wondering how that would work.
i am in arkansas right now but will be going to rural indiana in a week

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Get rid of the Miracle grow and buy a $4.24 bag of "orchid moss" from Lowes.

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