miracle grow sphagnum

ehsahrJuly 6, 2008

Hello all.

I've been growing CPs for a few months now and I'm doing OK with it. I've bought a couple of death cubes and potted them in my own soil mix & have been giving them distilled & rain water (they're outside).

So far so good... I lost a sundew, but the pitcher plants I have are doing fine.

However, today I picked up a few more pitcher plants and decided I would try a bog garden approach. After getting everything set up and the CPs planted, I realized, to my horror, that the sphagnum moss I've been using for all my CPs is Miracle Grow! Apparently I'm just that unobservant.

My question is: at this point, with all my plants recently re-potted, would it be better to re-re-pot them in an unfertilized sphagnum moss/perlite mix OR to just leave them be?

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I'd repot them personally. I HATE that Miracle grow puts ferts in their products. They have so many types of mixes and soils it's ridiculous.

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I would repot the plug in good media, so as to not shock the plants. And then I would rinse with good water. In other words, try not to disturb the roots and clean them with clean water.

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I too just saved my sundews from making a similar error .I PUT mine in African Voilet mix .After seeing it illistrated in a book .Igot leary and replanted them into a mix of peat and silicate sand ..pelight and vemicumite mix . And the staghorn is sprouted 3 new leaves in a week . The Drosera capensis red typical is actively shooting up new leaves .And is flowering nicely ..The D.Filliformis Tracia is also has 3 new leaves .I hope yours recover Ehsahr.Good luck and happy growing .

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The plants will weaken and eventually die off in fertilized mix anyways, so best to try repotting them with minimal root disturbance as Petiolaris advised if possible. Sundews actually do well after repotting for the most part, even with heavy root damage, so it should not be too harmful to repot them and give them a good couple weeks recovery in unfertilized mix. The plants that hate root disturbance would be Pygmy Sundews and Butterworts.

Miracle Gro is something of a foul word among us CP growers since nothing they make in the soil category is helpful for growing plants that do not like fertilizer on their roots.

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I agree with petiolaris...repot them in proper mix then rinse well with good water then leave it alone..ud be surprised how resilient these CP's are..ive done some funky stuff..including once using the miracle grow stuff..and they havent died..ive literally cut every single leaf off of one of my sundews and its still growing..ud be hard pressed to kill some of these CPs

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