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mattmega4(9)July 9, 2009

SO i have one of each of the follwoing Flava, purperea ( maybe 3 of these i think), and a minor...and next season when they flower since i only have 1 of each..will the bees cross polinate them and create cool hyrbids?

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It's hard to say. It depends upon when they bloom. They don't all bloom at the same time.

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I only had one flowering plant this year and I have been pretending to be a bee with a small paintbrush. I'll have to wait until the capsule opens to see if I was any good.
A quick search on the internet to find out what needs to go where and I was a (big) bee.
If the different flowers come up with not too much time between them, you can take some pollen from the first plant (with a small paintbrush) then put some foil around the brush and store it in the fridge for a couple weeks until your next plant flowers.Never tried it but found that trick on another CP forum.

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Sarracenia Northwest has a video on how to hand pollinate them. I saw it last week on youtube I believe....let me look...

Yup, here it is!


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ive seen the video..im subscribed on itunes podcast..i was just wondering what hybrid mix would come out of those 3 particular plants

but i didnt know about the tin foil and fridge bit..i'll try that next season thx

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