Help whats wrong with my Jade Plant?

agurssJune 11, 2014

Help my jade plant seems to be wilting, and leaves are not plump. I have had this jade plant for about 2 years it was doing very well, but over the winter it began to drop leaves and become not plump, and the stems seem to be weaker. My friend who gave me my plant suggested during the summer I move it outdoors. It seems to have perked up a bit but still looks like it needs some attention. I am new to this and want to do my best to keep it alive! I am worried I may loose it. Looking for good advice on how to properly save it.
Thank you

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Could be a combination of heavy organic soil, not enough light, and too much water. Check the roots for rot.

If you search for Jade plant care, you will find a wealth of information, as Crassula ovata is discussed on this forum more than any other plant.

If it were my plant, I would make drastic changes, "whack" it severely, repot with a faster draining medium in an unglazed clay pot, and put it in a location where it can receive sufficient light for optimal growth.


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I agree with Christopher. Also, it looks like it has some scarring, possibly from being sunburned at some point (perhaps you moved it out into full sun too quickly after it being sun-deprived over winter). There's nothing you can do about that now, so I would just follow Christopher's instructions and read through the forum.

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Agreed. The soil looks pretty rough, and not the right type for a jade. It requires something more porous and free draining. The pot is too large as well; jades need a surprisingly small pot. The spindly growth is due to low light, and as noted, moving it into direct sun without acclimating it caused sunburn.

As for what to do, I agree to repot, into a gritty mix, but I would hold off on the whacking part, as you have a plant that's barely hanging on. It may not have enough stored energy to handle all at once. Save the whacking until after the repot, and signs of good new growth appear.


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Thank you for the advice I will repot right away!

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