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allysunJune 18, 2012

Hi I am hoping for some insight regarding growing cacti from seed. My boyfriend gave me a mini greenhouse (plastic egg, soil, and seeds) kit a few weeks ago and I followed the instructions however I think I used too much water and it looked like it was starting to mold (cobweb looking strings?). So in doing some research I found that this was commonly possible and the only way for the plants to survive was to repot. I bought some cacti soil from Home Depot, fertilizer, and a small pot. Did my best to transfer the tiny guys but... they all died. SO... I bought a new kit online and want to try again since I already have all the supplies and my bf was disappointed that I killed the first ones. I will definitely water less but I am mainly wondering how long to keep them in the plastic egg before transfering them. Do I take the lid off at some point? They were pretty small when I transfered them to the pot the first time and I don't think they were strong enough to survive. Any insight or advice is welcome. Keep in mind I am new to this and I know my past attempt wasn't the greatest. Thanks!

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Alas, we all learn from our mistakes. Don't be frightened to ask dumb questions. I don't grow from seed cause I am just not that nurturing. There are many on here that do. Me, Those little thngs scare me. I grow cactus because they are forgiving of neglect . They love my neglect. We are a match made in heaven, I just need to get them at a teenager stage.

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FerocactusLatispinus(Zone 4/Sunset 43 WI)

Quite right! My first attempt failed miserably, but yeah, cactus seedlings are really high-maintenance. Just the right amount of humidity, light, watering...

Germination requirements vary quite a bit, but generally, the seeds need to be kept moist, set on the surface of the seed starting mix, kept at a somewhat high temperature of, for example, 77 F, and given an increasing gradual change of lighting. First couple weeks, shade, then indirect sun, and into a month or two they will probably be ready for full sun. The humidity will also need to be gradually decreased once they have sprouted.

There are a lot of excellent posts on this topic for cacti, and they are much more descriptive! I highly recommend referring to those posts!

Hope you are sucessful in your efforts!!

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