Fungus, killing my plants and my moss?

akheadbanger(z?? OH)July 17, 2005

Ok, so i get back, my plants did look better than i expected, but as i figured there would be some kind of conflict, and their is, one of the plants that i orderd, a common VFT came in a black mass as the person who watched my plants said, and just planted it as i had instructed them to. I have all of my vft's in a single pot, figuring that VFT had a small root system it would be ok, could that be a problem? And now it looks as if alot of my VFT's traps are dying and most of them are just down to leaves, should i put fungicide on it, or just let them dye down and wait for winter to put the Fungicide on? or what should i do, im guessing its fungus cause its killing every thing in that pot, like i said the moss is turnning and i dont want my VFT to die, and would it be easyer to check out the plants if i had a picture or two posted?

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necro1234(z6 UT)

If it has fungus on now act quick, cut off infected sections if there is still good growth and use a good fungacide.
A natural one is CINNAMON that can be sprinkled over the entire plant.
I suggest you dont wait too long.
Sunlight should help with it as well.



PS: pictures would be cool if possible

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necro1234(z6 UT)

Oh PS:
No it should be no problem to have multiple VFT's in the same pot.
If the fungus is also in the soil mix now you will either have to use a safe fungacide throuout or rather mabey dump the soil and replace it with fresh mix?
If you decide to change the mix, you can use some safe sulfer based fungacide or you can try cinnamon powder.
Just treat the entire plant, leaves roots and all.
Then I would place them in the new fresh mix and give them good light.
I dont know since you think it could be fungus if using something like SuperThrive could help the fungus as well, mabey others here will know.



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spookster(z5 NY)

If it were orchids (which it isn't), I would suggest letting it get as dry as possible without killing the VFT, plus increasing the light and air flow. Fungus likes damp, dark, stagnant conditions.

I would also remove the fungus infected parts of the plant and cover the wounds with cinnamon.

Can any of that apply to VFTs?

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Nevermore44 - 6a

be careful of the cinnamon... some have claimed it to be a root inhibitor as well. So if you do use a fugicide... go with a chemical.

Also know that many times when a VFT is uprooted... shipped and replanted... it will go into shock and loose a good amount of leaves. And then start growing again.

Give it some time and gradual light...

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necro1234(z6 UT)

Nevermore44 thanx for that info, I was not aware of that.
Ye I would definetly cut off all infected areas of the plant if that is possible, the VFT can be allowed to get dry, but not completly dry.
It must always be moist, extra light and air though would be a big help I think in killing the fungus off with help of clean soil mix and a fungacide that you can treat the entire plant with.

Nevermore I have unpotted mine many times without the shock problem, but I have always been soaking the root system in SuperThrive, so mabey they stuff does indeed work as Peter D' Amato suspects.
I am just not sure if SuperThrive would also help the fungus out though.



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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

Im just gonna post all of my plants
starting with my VFT, i have 2 dentes, 1 common (wich came in a tangled black mass ( i think the source of the problem) and one Red dragon.
Where most of the fungus ( i think ) is

a good picture of most of the plants see if you can point out any thing im doing wrong.

Hears my purple pitchers ( i have yet to put any plants out side so not much vivid color)

And i cant rember what kind of plant this is could some one help me with identifying it cause i thougt i orderd a parrot pitcher? o well it still looks cool!

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akheadbanger(z?? OH)
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Nevermore44 - 6a

That last one looks like another young purp to me.

Hey sheldon... I have bought some and repotted just fine as well... but shipping might cause a bit more of shock then just repotting. Some are just weak.

Try getting the media away from the crown of the plant where rot can get going.

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necro1234(z6 UT)

Ye the plants look ok, I dont see any form of fungus or rot on the actual plants, just that nasty black gunk around in the media.
Does the peat mix smell weird at all?
If you suspect the mix is full of fungus then you are going to need to flush the media with a fungacide.
A bad smell from the peat could tell you alot.

Do your plants get actual sunlight and are they hardened off or terrarium plants?
I ask because Im curious about moving air circulation.



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Nevermore44 - 6a

Also... my LFS turns black out in the sun as well... but I don't think that is fungus

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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

Well i know its not a young purple cause thats how they came and they havent changed or grown any in the past 3 weeks, and i know my Red dragon one of the traps has a bit of black on it, and no none of the plants are any terrium plants, i cant notice any smell, and its new moss, could it be the moss is just dieing? if thats the case, the moss in my terrium looks fine, and im not sure at all what the problem is, and ive noticed the moss around the pitchers is getting lil brown stuff, and it gets sun thru a window, and it doesnt have a great circulation, and all of them are online orders, only had them for almost amonth. and as i said im sure the pitcher isnt a young purple pitcher.

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LFS in my experience always turns a dark brownish green color and has a little stench to it. That's because it's breaking down. I prefer using New Zealand LFS with my plants now because of the stench from normal LFS. Plus NZ LFS looks a lot nicer.

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Nevermore44 - 6a

Again I would get the media out of the crowns of all your plants. If you are just using good ol' dried Long fibered Spag... it will turn black in the sun... again .. not mold.

Which photos of yours has the mold/fungus in it?

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necro1234(z6 UT)

Ye Im wondering the same thing, the top layer looks a ugly black but the plants still look fine.
Its normal for VFT's to get black leaves after they close enough or after a few months when the leaf starts to die.
You can simply just clip it off.
Im using both New Zealand Sphag moss and peat moss and have not had the black problem with mine growing outdoors in full UTAH sun.
So what the guys are saying could very well be the case that it is infact the type of moss you have.

Ok now, this person who was watching your plants, how much of a "green thumb" do they have?, as in have they any experience in planting anything let alone CP's?
It is possible that the plants could have gone into bad shock from how they were handled.
If the person has not planted such plants before, the root system may have been hurt a little amoung many other things.

Just a thought



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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

well the person who was watching my plants had all the information i told them they did every thing i did, i told them what to do so, and this is what i have-
New Zealand Long Fiber Sphagnum Moss. 100 Grams Compressed. This is dehydrated and very compressed sphagnum moss. Drop in a large bowl of water and it will expand to nearly 1 and a half gallons of supreme quality and very clean long fiber sphagnum moss. This is perfect for planting and top dressing for most all of the carnivorous plants that we sell.
Its called ultra grow
thats what it said, And i havent handle the plants in planting but i new how to plant them, take a butter knife turn it, put the roots in the hole and compress the soil so its stable, i had to fix the planting it wasnt the greatest, so yea, im hoping i have a better season next year!! And i didnt put the sphagmum moss at the bottom of the pots so theirs soil in the bottom tray.

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Nevermore44 - 6a

So there is no visible "fluffy" fungus or anything?

To me it just seems like they are shocked a bit... give them some time and get the media off the crown and you are set.

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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

no i didnt i saw it start on one of the dead traps that i threw away!

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Hello, I have a gallon candy jar. It is built to sit tilted on the side, so the humidity doesnt just evaporate. It has a venus flytrap and 2 small sarracenia purpurea pitcher plants. It has dead sphagnum moss as a planting medium.

For a while I did not cut away the dead pitcher plant leaves. Now, there is alot of white fuzziness in patches on the ground. They almost look like short hairs, and they don't have any kind of clumpy base. I clean it away with my hands, but it comes back stronger and is even on the venus flytrap! What should I do? Repotting is hard on the Pitcher plants, and takes alot of work. I can leave it in the yard tomorrow so the fungus will get lots of sun, perhaps killing it? Is there a light fungicide you recommend that is commonly sold at hardware stores?


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if your plants are inside a candy jar or terrarium, avoid putting them outside in the sun. you will kill your plants. what you can do for repotting is taking the whole plants along with the soil covering theri roots, then transplant to a different media. this fungus usually happens when the peat doesn't get enough ventilation. spores are located everywhere, and they grow when there's lack of ventilation.

anyway, if you don't want to take your plants out, simply open the lid a bit more and grow your plants.

I grow one flytrap inside a mini terrarium. i made this small terrarium out of those peanut butter and jelly jars. the plant has been living there for a few months now. even the dead moss turned live and the flytrap has about 10 live traps. with reddish color too. it's really healthy. i seal this jar terrarium with a plastic wrap with a rubber band. i water this flytrap about every month. and it grows in my bright windowsill(not sunny)

it's complicated sometimes mastering how to grow carnivorous plants planted inside a rather bigger terrarium ,it takes a lot of knowledge to do so.

if you want to keep growing your plants in your candy jar, try obtaining some fungicide such as orthone. you can get these are home depot or lowes. after that, give your plants a rather more brighter/ ventilated atmosphere.

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New at gardening....something yellow is growing in a portion of the garden. Looks like yellow cornmeal. Any suggestions? We just installed sprinkler system and I wondering if it is to damp. thnx

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Hi rd2frndship,

Yellow puffy growths sound like fungus or a type of mold to me. That stuff tends to avoid moss and grow on perlite and plants. It will eat your carnivorous plants if they are young seedlings, I lost a few seedling Sarracenias to what you are describing. Spray it with neem oil or sulfur based fungicide, no soap based stuff and never copper in the ingredients.

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