How to move BST chrysalis

tpolonyOctober 4, 2010

I have very little experience with BST caterpillars, and now I have a problem. My BST pupated at the top of my mesh enclosure instead of on the multitudinous sticks I provided, right where top and the side walls join. He's parallel to the ground. I have to put him in another container to put him outside to overwinter, as this enclosure is large and I'm still raising other caterpillars.

Is there a way to detach him from where he is and re-attach him to a stick or something else? He will no longer have his sling...A couple of years ago I had one detach from the stick and it did fine on the bottom of the enclosure. Once I figure out how to detach him safely, can I put him on the bottom of the new enclosure without re-attaching him?

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runmede(7a Virginia)

Give the pupa a couple days to harden. Then spray with water. Carefully, pull the pupa off. If it doesn't come off right away, spray with water again and use a pin.
Second way, using masking tape, put two pieces down very close to the back of the pupa. Press this down a bit, and then taking both pieces, you should be able to pull up the silk. I then double both pieces of sticky tape together and cut to shape and then put a pin through.

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Thanks for the picture...I will also use your technique when I have trouble with a crysalis detaching...I've tried to make a sling with tape or a twisty & sometines it works & sometimes it hasn't!

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The tape method worked great! The only thing I needed to do extra was put a piece of tape horizontally along the BST's rear end in addition to the two vertical pieces, because the pad wasn't coming up. It was in a very difficult spot, along the seam of the mesh cage, so that made it harder.

This is GREAT because I was also able to get the sling intact, so now I have it pinned to the side of the overwintering container at its natural angle instead of just hanging by its rear end upside down!

I may try to tape the whole thing to a stick at a later time so it emerges onto an angled surface, but for now this is good.


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