Caterpillar ID Needed

shannon74October 22, 2011

Hi everyone

Just found a tiny cat on my kids' playset, about 1/4 inch long, green with orange/red spikes all along both sides of its back. The playset is directly under a wateroak tree, not sure if he fell off it.

I cannot figure out how to post a picture! Thanks

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There is a not very informative FAQ on posting pictures here. Most members here probably use PhotoBucket to host their pictures. Some of us have our own servers to host on and just use the easy "tags" to post them here.

But without location data (especially), a picture or other supporting data...

Here is a link that might be useful: PhotoBucket

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I was just gonna ask if you could include your location. Do use caution because it could be one of the urticating caterpillars (stinging).


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Yep I am pretty sure he is a stinger, very fuzzy and spikey. he is so small right now that it is hard to tell what he is going to look like, but he is happily chomping away on water oak leaves now and pooping up a storm :-) I am in north central texas

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Spiny oak slug, most likely. They do sting.

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