seasonal leaf diffronces in typical venus fly trap

doowop_6116July 16, 2008

The venus fly trap is unique in another way most people don;t know . Venus Fly trap is the only plant knowen so far in nature. That grows 4 diffront shaped leave's for each season . One plant produce's 6 leave's That produce's 4 diffront seasnonaly destictive leaves for spring ,fall and summer . Spring leaves have first stage spring leaves wider petiole's and a very small mis formed tiny traps . These the petoile's serve as solar panels .Collecting the rays of the sun .At this time .It doesn;t have to compeat for light with other plants at this time of the year .So it lay's it's leaves flat to the ground .The second stage leave is the summer leaves .After aquiring enough photo photophyithis . The plant will produce longer petiole's and mediumsized red traps .this is because this gives the plant advantage for aquiring enough sun as stated earlier .this is the active time where the plant must rely on more then sun shine . The plant need 's to metabilize mineal's as Copper ..magnezium ..Ext ..minerals that are lacking in the acidy soil . Although it will survive for yrs with out feeding .The plants will not be as productive as the ones given a slight advantage . Such as larger growth and more steral seeds . Dawerin 1876 'The rysume's store mineral compounds . Dry weight mesurments comfremed this .Between fed and unfed plants . the fed ones weigh more . Juniper 1978 / Third stage leave's are authum leaves . Very short petoiles . stubby and close to the plant .At this time it produces it;s largest traps . intack for the plant to store it;s last chace for nutrence befor the off set of dormancey .Hopefuly this will help other people reconize what stage there plant is in regaudless what time of the yr you get it . .Good luck and happy growing Sincerly Doowop /

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note At times commurtal growers will bring there plants out of domancey in the fall let's say . So by Feb the plant will broduce there shower summer leaves in Feb .To boast sale's slower winter months ,So by the time summer arrives .It's ready to go dorment . If you think the plant;s confused lol .Meny first time grows think it;s dead . And make the mistake of it being pitched, Now thats confussion and mis information for you lol . Thats what 98 percent of this forum regarding vft questions , tO CORRECT THE CYCAL Just grow it normaly . In a couple of yrs .They will return to their normal seasonal cycal / Good luck and happy growing all . Sincerly Doowop /

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