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karyn1(7a)August 2, 2011

My babaco is actually holding a fruit. So far anyway. This is the longest one has held. Ill be thrilled if it ripens. I'm surprised it's doing so well considering it's a cloudforest plant and we've had such high heat. Cross your fingers for me : )

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figara(Ca 9)

Karyn, I am keeping my finger crossed for you and for me too. I do have one too and has a few fruits on it. Like you, I hope they will hold and ripen. Last year the fruits did not hold. Lots of fingers crossed here:-)

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Yours looks wonderful!!!!! It looks like you will have some ripe babaco fruit in a couple months. Let me know how it tastes. I've never tried one. The only place you can find them for sale is CA. I wonder why they aren't more readily available? There's plenty of fruit that is sold outside of it's optimim climate.

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Karyn, I am thrilled that your babaco papaya is setting fruit for you, and so quickly!!!!! I am excited now after seeing your tree and also Pat's. I have two that I got at a CRFG's meeting. They apparently were easy to root for whoever brought them to the meeting. It's super hot here too.

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Oh boo, I miss my papaya trees! I lived in the Tampa Bay area and had papaya trees that had both male and female flowers on the same plant, and they produced so well! Fun to see yours!

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chena(z8 Texas)

Congrats to both of ya'll!!!!! That is really cool!!!


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They are easy to root. You are supposed to keep them at a single stem so I've trimmed it back before and rooted the cutting.

Papayas are one of the easiest tropical fruits that I can grow here. The babacos are a bit more finicky about temps.

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figara(Ca 9)

I bought mine a year ago and was the first time I saw it around here. There were 2 and I am sorry I did not bought both of them. I bought it more because I liked the leaves. Now I am excited that it has fruits and are holding.

Karyn I'll let you know if they will ripe.


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