Nepenthes with black pictures!

teisa(6)July 5, 2013

Ok I really need advice for a friend. My friend was the first to find a Nepenthes and told me where to find one. Well mine is doing great but my friends is NOT. His pictures are turning black. Even the very small ones just coming from edge of pot. I've searched forever on Internet and surprising cannot find anyone else with this problem.

My first thought is watering without being distilled or rainwater. But he has always used distilled. I'm thinking maybe it could have been watered at the store before he bought his. I did buy mine at a different location but same chain!

If anyone knows what the cause is please give us some ideas ASAP.


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ALL the pitchers or just some? They don't last forever.

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Here is a picture of the dieing pictures on the nepenthes. I took this of my friends plant. It seemed to have MOST pictures showing this blackness on them. He has only had it 5-6 days.

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Normal. Just cut them off at the leaf tip.

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Ok so it is normal then? Mine is down to two pitchers and one is about half way dry and the largest one is on its way too. Their not black like that but they have browned alot. I was wandering how it will get nutrients and nitrogen and the like if all the pitchers dry up.

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Perfectly normal. Carnivorous plants get most of their energy from light. Bugs are like desert. Cut off the one's that bother you.

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