Nepenthes Alata

a_roidJuly 8, 2010

Hey, Just looking for some insight on a problem I have.

I bought this Nepenthes Alata last fall, and hung it in a North Facing window. It did GREAT! It had a ton of pitchers and was thriving. During winter, the pitchers died off, it would try to produce more, but they would always shrivel up before fully forming. I attributed this to the low humidity fro the furnace being on. When Spring came around, I put it outside, in indirect sun, repotted it in peat and bark mix, kept it moist, and eagerly anticipated hundreds of pitchers being thrown off. It has made two in the very early part of spring, and now seems to not be growing at all. It is not dieing, just not growing. I live in Ky and the humidity is high in the Ohio valley, it is like a jungle here most days. Why has it gone dormant, and how can I jump start it to produce pitchers again?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Hortus Botanicus has a fertilizer for sale called Epiphyte's Delight; I use it and it seems to help.

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