Need help w/ pitcher plant and VFT...

love3esJuly 30, 2012

My sons were gifted a pitcher plant and VFT in a terrarium. I have seen this type of thing sold at our local hardware store. The plants were doing very well in our kitchen window (for about a year) until they started to outgrow the terrarium.

I got online to do some research about these CPs and found out they really shouldn't be grown in terrariums. When I tried to take them out of the terrarium (first cracking the lid then removing the lid and then fully removing the pot from the terrarium over a couple weeks) the pitcher plants started turning brown at the tips and the VFTs turned black and died off. I quickly returned the pot to the terrarium and was able to salvage both plants.

Now, however, I'm right back to square one... the pitcher plant is touching the top of the terrarium. What should I do? Buy a bigger terrarium? Try to harden them off to live outside the terrarium? We live in Zone 5 so planting them outdoors is not an option. I'm attaching a picture so you can see just how small the terrarium is.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! My boys love these plants.


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You need to slowly acclimate them OUT of the terrarium, then slow get them used to all day Sun outside. You CAN grow these outside but come fall, just before first frost they need to go somewhere where the temps will be 35-40 degrees F. until around Msrch. A cool basement, unheated garage or what I do, put them them in zip lock bags then in the fridge!

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