hang on to your true cc cuttings.....

emerald1951June 19, 2012

Hi everyone...any one that has gotten true cc cuttings from me..hang on to them...

we had a very bad storm last night 83 mile a hour winds and my true cc flipped upside down on the patio...and so I am trying to save it..lots broken even the pot....

there are huge trees blown over all over town....

and we are expecting more storms tonight.....linda

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I hope your CC is salvageable Linda! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope that the storms pass without further incident. Best of luck.


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That's really terrible Linda, and I'm sorry to hear that =( and to happen to you of all people...your cuttings you sent me are doing great (some didn't take, that's to be expected though) I really hope that you can salvage what you have left, and as soon as mine grow more mature, if you're in need I'll send you some. Hang in there Linda.

Greg J.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I'm SO sorry to hear about your Christmas Cactus Linda, you have such a beautiful plant and you've been SO generous sharing them with so many... I'm sure you will be able to save most of it...you have a wonderful skill for rooting them, I know they are in very capable hands...best of luck! Hope the worst is over.

Please keep us posted.

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Oh no, not again Linda. After that huge storm that took down that big beautiful tree you use to have in your front yard, I hope you don't loose anymore.

You will be in my prayers. If you loose that plant, I too can help you.

Yes, as Nancy said, please keep us posted. E-mail me, ok.


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Linda, let me know when your ready for cuttings. I will send some back to you. They are rooting well.

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Hi....you all are the best..you hang on to them..and keep the plant going....I hope to have mine repotted this week end and hopefully growing back to what it was...I'm glad to know the people I sent cuttings to will share back if I loose my plant....I'll post pictures when all is back in a new pot.....
I just wanted you all to know, hang on to your cuttings I can't share any for awhile, until my plant starts to grow again.....linda

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Good luck, Linda!

My bonsai CC blew over last Autumn and looked pretty bad when I put it back into its pot.
But with a bit of judicious pruning, it sprang back better than before. I know yours will, too.


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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I sure hope you fare well through this tempest.Life can be so uncertain so quickly.

Would not a flipped over CC make for LOTS of cuttings in the trimming of damage off of it?. I bet the roots will still be intact. Take them out of the soil and trim the bruised and bent roots off, and the bent and bruised tops off. Let them callous over for a day or three and then repot in your favorite dirt. I have had my 6' epi and ceramic pot be blown by a gustando ("twist UP tornado") and thrown 6 feet., and that was what I did.

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