Suggest a good lawn seed for San Francisco

bug_girl(17)August 11, 2007

I have to replant most of my lawn this winter. I am looking into grass seeds. I have gotten some better result with some types, but I can't remember which ones. Is Golden Gate the only sane choice? I can't find it on line, I am not sure they even make it. The worse was the blue grass very pretty and soft, and fine, and it just died. Now, it's so dead, that I have a major problem with Thatch.

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Over the last 40 years I have sown several new lawns. Early on I used the Golden Gate Park mix. I believe it was from Ferry Morse Seeds. Later I used Scott's "Play", both were blue grass mixes with several other grass species. Cool season mixes well suited to our area. Their worst fault is the amount of water needed to keep them looking their best. My last lawn I layed down Fescue sod about four years ago and the difference has been impressive. My lawns are all watered by automatic timers in the dawn of the day and I have been able to cut the water used by more than half. The problem of weeds also has been greatly reduced. The cost was more but to start but the savings will go on for years. Al

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The only grass strain that I've seen look really good with minimal maintenance in your area is a turf-type tall fescue, such as 'Medallion' or 'Marathon'.

Al makes a good point about laying sod; it does beat out the weeds from the get go.

If you do choose to go with seed (both types above are available as seed as well as sod), do your best to get a handle on weeds before sowing the grass seed.

If you have a compacted soil, till your site to break it up. Rake it smooth, removing all sticks and stones and unbreakable clods.

Then water it well every day, twice a day for 2-4 weeks. This will bring up weed seeds and old grass stolons/rhizomes.

Hoe off all the weeds with a sharp hoe.

If you had an impressive crop of weeds, repeat the process.

Don't till the area again. Simply seed your grass seed.

Or sod the area.


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