Carnivorous plants for classroom?

edufrin(8)July 23, 2010

Hello! I am starting my first year of teaching as a fourth grade math/science teacher. I'm looking for an interesting plant display to place in my classroom for students to observe. I'm pretty good at gardening but I'm venturing out of my comfort zone and looking for advice on carnivorous plants to be placed in glass container (thinking of buying a large apothecary jar).

I would like to keep the display small with only 2 or three varieties of plants. I've read that most carnivorous plants don't like a lot of humidity and succumb to root rot so I plan on keeping the plants in a pot and simply placing the pot inside the apothecary jar, with or without the lid, where the plants can be safe from curious fingers. I would also set up a grow lamp to be on the plants during school hours.

Does this plan sound like a good idea for keeping carnivorous plants?? I would love to hear suggestions on how to improve my set up. Also, what plants would do well in together in an environment like this?

Thank you for your help!

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You could probably get a Nepenthes or 2, a tropical Sundew like d. Adelae or d. Capensis and a mexican butterwort like p. Moranensis. Although I'm not a fan of CPs in terrariums, bright, indirect Sun (or florescent lights a foot over head) is all they need light wise and the Nepenthes can not sit in a water tray but the other can. Rain or distilled water ONLY. No tap water or bottled water.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

Capensis doesn't do well enclosed unless you have a fan to keep the air moving IME. RO water will work if your system is in order and removing the salt if you have a softener. I get my water from a carwash where I generally keep the RO in order and check the PPM before filling my jugs.

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D. adelae for sure. Some of the Utricularia I think might do well - U. sandersonii, U. livida...

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Thank you all for your advice, I will look all those CPs up! Any good sites that you would recommend buying them from? The only CPs that I can find in the stores are VFTs.

Also, if I simply get a tall glass vase with straight sides, would that be enough air flow for most CPs? I never intended to enclose them as I fully understand this is a no-no... I just want to keep them safe from fourth graders while allowing my students to observe them. Hmmm, maybe I could even attach a small fan to the upper lip. We'll see how inventive I get!

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Ok, I've done a little research this morning and discovered Sarracenia Northwest online nursery. Good start??

While there, I've been discovering all sorts of beautiful species. Here's my list of possibilities so far....
P. Moranensis
D. Prolifera (sister[?] of Adelae)
D. Scorpiodes
D. Dichotoma

I'm not 100% sure about the last two. Do you think a beginner would be able to keep those alive? I'm leaning more towards the staghorn because of its height.

Thank you all so much for your help!


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Sarracenia Northwest is excellent, Try to get their DVD series too someday. The Scorpiodes should do o.k., mine are a few inches under a T12 florescent light and I have some that get direct sun in mid-late afternoon.

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