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jewel106July 1, 2011

i have a bag of peat moss that says it contains an organic wetting agent called yucca extract (from yucca schidigera saponins 0.0001%) will this hurt sarracencia or dionaea?

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I googled it:

Yucca is a flowering plant in the Lilaceae family that grows mostly in desert areas of the United States and Mexico. It typically has stiff leaves with needle sharp ends. There are dozens of varieties, such as Spanish dagger and giant Yucca, which can range in sizes. They tolerate high temperatures and sparse watering but may be killed by cold. Yucca extract is a consumable product derived from these plants.

The word âÂÂsoapâ is often used in conjunction with Yucca and Yucca extract. This is because the plant can be used to make soap products for both external and internal use. Native Americans are believed to have used Yucca extract and other parts of the plant for centuries.

Modern usage is mainly limited to the roots. This is from where yucca extract, which is noted for its soapy texture, is normally produced. That extract was believed to have been widely used by the Native Americans for making soaps and shampoos. Even today, people can be found who use it for this purpose.

When it is consumed, it can also act as a detergent for the digestive system. It is widely used to wash toxins from the intestines. Build up of toxins is believed to be the cause of many conditions such as arthritis, colitis, and migraines. These conditions are often alleviated as well.

Since yucca extract is not a drug, it is typically classified as alternative medicine. There is not much reputable scientific support for its use. It does, however, contain many useful nutrients, such as iron, selenium, and vitamins A and B.

Yucca extract may be recommended for the use of several medical conditions. One of the most popular uses is to lower cholesterol. This may be possible due to saponins, which act as antibiotics for plants. Saponins are believed to bind with bile, which encourages the liver to produce more. To do this, cholesterol must be removed from the blood, and since it is not reabsorbed into the body, the cholesterol is passed as waste.

Many health food stores sell yucca extract. There are generally no side effects associated with consumption. It may be available in the form of tablets, capsules, or tea.

Yucca extract is also used to control the smell of animal waste. This is possible because saponins bind to ammonia and prevent the smell from passing through the air. It is commonly found in food for cats and dogs. It may also be found in cat litter.

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Therm Xâ¢70 is a natural wetting agent derived from yucca. It contains 70% concentrated yucca extract, which helps plants overcome adverse water conditions and is a great sticker for other sprays. It will increase your crop's ability to germinate and establish in stressed conditions, and well as increase its water and fertilizer uptake.

Crop yields increase! ThermX70 increases permeability in heavy clay soil, and reduces salt and alkali problems by improving drainage. It also stimulates root growth, extending the area irrigation reaches. When it is applied to a stressed area, there are immediate noticeable results. It will reduce irrigation costs because the crop can go longer between irrigations. OMRI listed. View certificate.

Directions for Use:
Wetting Agent: 2-3 oz/acre, alone or in combination with other foliars. Less than one acre: ü tsp /gallon water.
Soil: 16 oz /acre, once a year on good ground, twice a year for alkaline soil. Less than one acre, 1-2 tsp/gallon water.

Liquid Yucca Extract

Healthy soil requires many things. Water is one of the most important. Without water, plants cannot survive, the soil microbes that support them cannot survive, and essential nutrients cannot be transported through the soil.

Some soils, however, aren't able to absorb the water they need. Heavy clay soils, soils with low organic matter, and highly compressed soils, are notoriously impermeable to water. To support good fertility, these soils require supplementation with a wetting agent, which improves permeability, soil structure, and water-holding capacity.

Liquid Yucca Extract is a 100% natural wetting agent derived from Yucca schidegera . Our Yucca Extract is cold-pressed for maximum biological activity. As a wetting agent, Yucca Extract can be added to almost any liquid fertilizer mix, as part of an overall fertilization program.
Liquid Yucca Extract:

Increases soil permeability, allowing water and nutrients to reach plants faster
Improves the soil's water-holding capacity
Improves soil structure
Is 100% Organic
Is cold-pressed for maximum biological efficacy
Is derived from Yucca schidigera

Directions for Use

Soil Drench: Use 1 gallon of liquid yucca per 100 gallons of water.
Spray: Use 3 ounces of liquid yucca per 100 gallons of water.

Here is a link that might be useful: G.W. topic

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