Langenbuscher Garten x Bergfeuer - Problem Child

sandysseeds007August 25, 2010

I know Karyn's reading How's your LBG coming, last I read it had a bud and you were so sick of pink that your really looking forward to seeing it bloom. I haven't gotten caught up with the reads, so I apologize if I missed it but I was here a few days ago and hadn't heard word yet.

I know you'll post ASAP when it's showing off it's goods!

Mine has had a problem since it stuck it's first leaf out of the earth. There's a link below to get you all to a series of growth pictures of them at photobucket as it's easier to check the pic's there for now, well for me anyway.

Unfortunately, they are not in order but you'll get the idea. The leaves always come in yellow, even from the first leaf. I've treated it with extra nitrogen and epsom salt which gets it to green but only when it gets such a feeding will it color up some. It's potted up in the same exact soil/medium as the other pots around it(in the baby squirt picture) and I have repotted it just in case but still the same thing. I really like the look of the leaves when it absorbs some nitrogen but they're also curling up around the edges and I removed them as they looked so different from the norm. There's no leaves being eaten but there is that bubbling in the yellowest of leaves that either speak of sunburn or bugs. But no sign of them eating anything or of them. I tried to trouble shoot this one on my own but I NEED HELP! My baby is suffering from my ignorance of the problem.

There are pictures there of the parents LBG and FB but they aren't mine and although this isn't for making money I don't think I can post them here and prefer not to. I won't be keeping them on photobucket long either, so if you want a copy of the LBG's Karyn you best do that soon. Anticipation... ;)

Thanks for any and all helpful opinions and suggestions


Here is a link that might be useful: Problem Child - LBGxBF

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Sandy,hi, nice to see you............ is this seedllng in the same soil mix as other plants you have?

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Hi Brenda - Yes they were and are. If you see it's first baby squirt picture, the 3 green pots were filled with the same big batch of soil/medium that was mixed on a tarp thoroughly. It was still turning up yellow leaves even when it was in a cell, then in the 3"pot - same thing and in the bigger green pot the 3" was sitting in, ditto and then in the blue tub I changed the soil/medium with another used with other potted plants and still... I'm as stressed as the plant must be. Do you think it could be a form of variegation? Can it be fed/watered everyday? I tend to do an every second day watering, except when they were smaller.
The great yellowing, where it looks like I missed a nitrogen feeding is because I did. Not that I meant to or neglected it, just that I gave it the wrong food, which was was high in phosphate rather than the nitrogen which I thought it was higher in. Too long since thinking about my NPK's. And you know that makes it even harder for a plant to take up the other 2 elements which ended up shorting out the nitrogen even more but still there was plenty of nitrogen in it and still...

- Sandy

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My Langenbuscher Garten is growing well but has been dropping it's buds fairly early on. I'm attributing it to the heat. Hopefully with cooler temps they hold. That was one that developed buds before it Y'd. It has since formed a Y. It really needs to go in a bigger pot but since it's so close to the end of the season I'm not going to bother. I'd really like to just sink it in the spring if I can find the space.

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Karyn - So you got a cutting above the Y, lucky girl!
This heat has been tough on us all, people and plants. But I'll tell you, my plants are way bigger than I thought they'd be right now and I don't know if I should attribute that to the huge loads of worm castings in there this year or the increase in heat and humidity. I live around the lakes so it makes a big difference around these parts. Probably both.

So, ANYBODY got any idea as to what's wrong with this plant? Is there a way to flush the soil with 'something' for this troubled plant and not harm it. I'm thinking it's something to do with the roots. It's definately having issues with nitrogen uptake.

- Sandy

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I have no idea where it was taken from. I got it last fall as an 8" mid stem cutting. It's now about 4' tall and has recently formed it's 1st Y. I'm crossing my fingers that the new buds hold. This is the first week since May that we've had high temps in the 70's. It feels so nice out but is supposed to be back in the 90's by Sunday : (

I don't know what's wrong with your plant. Might it possibly be a trace mineral deficiency? I use a great product called Cal Mag Plus by Botanicare. I don't know if it's sold in Canada.

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Well I figure, IF we don't get an early frost, we have about another 2 months + of good weather. It's just that question as to whether first frost hits in the middle of Oct this year (in my zone anyway) or as the year before last, Nov 11 - that's a month difference. Now I have way more to have to consider for emergency removal indoors. I'm not keeping them all but still... It's almost retarded for a person in my shape to keep even 20 but still I grow

The bigger ones, the ones with a strong hard wood cork, are staying outside this winter, some mulching and cover. I have a huge assortments of upgrades and some better smaller ones of them. Taken above the Y.

I've used Super Thrive for minerals, but looks like you're talking calcium and magnesium - I'll have to look into that.
I've got some egg shells I can powder up, that can't hurt.

Hope you get your bloom soon -Sandy

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