ken2256(5b)July 17, 2013

Got my first at a grocery store here,I have never seen them offered around here before, i was told by an acquaintance this store had only 2 left so i rushed there and was lucky , they had one left, good size plant for only 15 bucks, after closer looks it was actually 2 plants in the hanging planter! so far its thriving out doors in this heat remarkably well.

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It should be fine as long as it gets watered and is SHADED. congrats! They are not cold tolerant so inside it should go this fall.

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Hey tommy, yea i was excited for sure. I have it where it receives morning sun, then i move and hang it under a tree when the sun is blazing.. it gets partial sun, so far everything seems ok, thanks

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I just recently bought one of these also. Had mine about 3 weeks. It is doing good! I've got a picture posted where I ask the variety.

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hey teisa, yea same here about 3 weeks,yea the pic looks like the one i got, all i have found out is that i think its the high land type, which is good one to start with, not too picky, ;-) mine was last one at grocery store.

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