My plants may be catching too much food

tropichrisJuly 31, 2009


I have a Sarracenia purpera, Sarracenia flava, and a Venus fly trap outside. The VFT catches about 5 bugs a week, the Sarracenia purpera catches about 10-20 small gnats and flies A DAY, and the flava about the same per day. I have these plants in full sun, water with rain water, and they are growing in peat and sphagnum moss. The pitchers are dieing quickly, but just as one dies another comes up. I dont want dieing pitchers! Are they catching too much food?

I kept them outside last winter (we had a freak snowstorm with about two feet of snow) and they died down and entered a DEEP dormancy. they came back up in spring. Ive had the plants since September of 08'. They havent flowered yet. I think they are catching too many bugs.

Can someone please tell me if they are catching too many bugs, and when they will flower. Ive heard that they dont flower until youve had them for three years. I also heard you shouldnt let a VFT flower. I'd cut it off if it did.

Can someone please help me with the pitcher/flower problem?

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Leave them alone! That is completely normal. Stop fussing over them and enjoy them! It's how they naturally grow.

You're doing fine it sounds like.

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I concur with , let them be. WhatÂs happening is very natural for them.

About flowering, it depends how old the plant really are, I bought a plants that flowered the next year, while other needed a year or 2 to mature completely.

The reason it isnÂt a good idea to let a VFT to flower are for 1st time growers still learning how to grow the plant. Usually they are growing the plant in a stressed conditioned weaken condition and letting them flower would push them to the edge.

But for professional growers, it isnÂt a problem. I let my VFT grow without any concern. You'll get there too, when I was an amateur my. I was the bane of the poor VFT, I killed a bunch of them before I learned by trial n' error.

Give yourself a pat in the back for growing them through the year.

Good luck and happy growing!

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