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unc_mltFebruary 28, 2010


I'm a student in college, and I currently live in a dorm. I recently bought a snake plant because it brought a little life and air filtration to my room. I've been researching for more plants, but I was wondering if there were any flowering plants that were capable to thrive in a dorm setting and relatively durable. Also, recommendations for plants that are good at air filtration would be great too.


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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

My fav low light plant is a peace lily. It's very easy to care for and mine blooms indoors. Also look for different types of snake plants (sansevieria) there are so many varieties. Not just color/variegation, but while most of us are use to the ones that grow very straight and tall there are short wide ones and some that drape, etc... Heart-leaf philodendron is another super easy plant, can even be grown in water. Doesn't bloom, but you could grow it in a really pretty (or odd) container, even change the containers to fit the seasons/occasion. Do you have a windowsill? My son grew an aloe plant on his and it did fine, just keep water to a minimum. Angel-wing begonias can add lots of color and some blooming if you have a little light. You can always add a lot of variety with variegation, textures and colors, both with the plant or containers. Have fun!

Here is a link that might be useful: low light bloomers

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

Nice thing about snake plants is they are quite vertical and take up very little space in a dorm room where storage space is at a premium, especially when you have a roommate.
Plus, you can go home for vacations and the snakeplant will never even notice you're gone.

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Thanks! I'm really considering a peace lily, especially since I heard it's pretty great at removing air pollutants.

I'm considering African violets, and as with all plants, how careful would I need to take care of it for it to flower?

Are there any chances of getting pests/insects if I get too many plants?

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There is a danger of getting pests with only one plant, (or even a banana that fell behind the desk,) the key is to keep the plant stress free and well and it will not be as susceptible to infestation. I once monthly visual inspection for pests should be more than sufficient.

As a college student who has been container/ indoor gardening for many years I can personally recommend the following plants:

Rubber tree; Ficus elastica
Ficus benjamina; Ficus tree
Jade pant; Crassula ovata
Hindu rope plant; Hoya varieties
Christmas cactus; Schlumbergera buckleyi

Even a novice can grow orchids, if they follow a few common sense guidelines. I have had great success with the Moth Orchid, Phalenopsis. Catalya's too are easy to keep alive, but require more light to bloom than do the Phalenopsis.

Good luck.

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My African violets are in a self-watering violet pot but otherwise they are some of the most neglected plants I own and they bloom year round. They are in a window that gets a little bit of morning sun and I MIGHT add some liquid miracle grow to the water once a year. My Chinese evergreen and Holiday (Christmas/Easter) cactus do great in the house too. I think the African violets are really the only thing I keep in the house after the last frost though.. then it all goes outside until we are expecting the last frost again.

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