Strawberries Blooming in Feb

matt.greenFebruary 7, 2014

I bought some small strawberry plants from a local farm in Jan. I just expanded my garden and the area was not ready to plant so I planted them inside in some small containers. Some of them are already blooming. I didn't know if I should cut the blooms off or go ahead and start transplanting them after hardening them for a week. I am concerned with them freezing, etc.

First year trying strawberries so I have no experience and any help would be appreciated.

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Well the standard advice is to pinch back half to all of the first year crop in favor of establishing the plant for a bigger harvest the second and third years. I'm pretty sure I killed the strawberries I planted, so my advice may not be great. I would pinch all the blossoms at least until they are in the ground.

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why not just let them go and do what they want?
You have them inside where it is warm, that is why they are blooming. Just leave them be. You might get some real cold weather yet, so just wait til the weather warms up and then plant them outside.
No sense in planting them out too early.
By the way, strawberries are the easiest things to grow.
All they need is sun and water and they will take over where ever you plant them.
Now the ants, that's a different story.....

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Strawberry's like cool weather. If they are hardened off they can handle freezing but I wouldn't risk it now, maybe in late March but not now. They suffer more from our hot summers. Without bees to pollinate the flowers you won't get full sized fruit (you can try to hand pollinate them with a paint brush). What you want to do now is plant them in the largest pots you can find so that the roots get as big as possible. The bigger the root mass gets the more flowers and more fruit they will make. A lot of the literature states that you should pinch off the flowers the first year - this is so that the roots can grow as much as possible the first year. But if you can find the plants in the fall and get them up to size over the winter you can go ahead and let them bloom and fruit the first Spring.

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