Venus fly trap growing strangely

davidle1July 12, 2008

Hi, I just started growing Vft last year and have had 3 of

6 survive dormacy. After several replantings..(It was not

growing) Finally one of the bare roots started growing...

It's growing big but very oddly. It has not produced any

traps but it has leaves growing on top of eachother

so now it looks like a deformed strange plant. Several of

the leaves have leaves growing on top of other leaves.

Every heard of such a strange Venus fly trap? Any idea

what's going on?

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No, not really. Sounds strange but leave it be, those leaves will help feed the plant. New leaves should start showing up soon enough.

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Sounds like its growing its spring leaves . Snall melformed traps , Flat heart shapped leaves , These first stage leave's are like solar collectors . Sunlight is more important in this first stage development . I f growen under the proper conditions , Sooon it will produce it;s summer leave's . I just posted some thing in here about this very topic .u;re welcome to read it . Good luck and happy growing .Sincerly Scott .

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