Anyone know where I can find a fuchsia paniculata in the Bay Area

SFGuySeptember 25, 2012

I have a spot in my yard that's screaming its name. Can't find any except in SF Botanical Garden, and they didn't have any at their last monthly sale.

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If they don't have it out at the sale you should ask. Some people working at the sales will fetch the plant if they have one. If not, perhaps they will tell you when they expect to sell it.

I've often seen that Fuchsia paniculata is considered synonymous with F. arborescens. I don't know if that is correct, but Annie's Annuals (at times) sells a plant they call the latter species.

But maybe it's easier to buy it from the Earthworks in WA state for $3.25. Their shipping is surprisingly cheap and at cost. I bought two Fuchsia and the total bill was $12, if I remember correctly. They have hundreds of varieties, including F. denticulata and the variegated F. procumbens, for $3.25.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fuchsia paniculata at the Earthworks

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I think this is the fuschia I have on my side yard - got my start many years ago from the UCBerk plant sale. If you are ever in Los Gatos you are welcome to a cutting :)


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wcgypsy(10 / Sunset 23)

I think this is one that Pedrick's Corner carries...she's in Freedom, down by Santa Cruz if you happen to be down that way...does mail order also and last time I checked her fuchsias were avaialable in small sizes at good prices....carries a lot of shrub fuchsias.

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Thanks all for the suggestions. UC Berkeley is having its fall sale this weekend so I will check them out. Failing that, it's mail order. That Earthworks website is fantastic by the way, has lots of other fuchsias I'd like to order, and all so cheap! Don't know why I never stumbled upon it before. As for Pedrick's Corner, I had looked at their website in the past, and although they list paniculata, it isn't "add to cart"-able. I'll call them if all else fails.

Do you guys think it's okay to plant paniculata now? I recently read on some website about growing fuchsias in San Francisco that they will die during the winter unless they are well established with woody growth. I just planted some 'Ruddy Rodney" and "Del Campo" 2 weeks ago and now I'm concerned for their well-being as well.

Chad, I rarely go down that far, but thanks for the clipping offer!


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Berkeley Hort also has nice 1 gallon pots in bloom for $10.95

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OMG, thanks Mark! I just went to Berkeley Hort and snatched up a gorgeous specimen after work.

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jkom51(Z9 CA/Sunset 17)

I'm very fond of the variegated "Firecracker" F. paniculata. The CVS Garden Center (alas, disappearing slowly by the end of the year) often carried it, but I've been finding it on occasion at East Bay Nursery, where I just bought a 3" container seedling of it for a second spot in my garden.

It needs to be sheltered, it's a bit tender. But I get a couple more frost days in the Oakland Hills than you probably do:

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