Who Has Schlumbergera ASPEN?

silenteyesspyJune 19, 2012

I am looking for Schlumbergera ASPEN, NOT Bridge Port. So if anyone has this please let me know, and we'll get something worked out. Yes you can check ebay etc etc...but they're always over priced, and no I'm not against buying..I'm against over pricing a living thing that can easily be replicated by a single branch..just like I'm against people selling animals for tons of money, when they breed them constantly. You can't put a price on living things. But anyway, back to the subject! So if anyone has Schlumbergera ASPEN let me know. Much thanks in advance!

Greg J.

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Pros and cons are usual concerns when it includes rarity of a plant. Even at 25$ for a three section 2 inch pot this Schlum. is just as difficult for most to find in stock at a local place.

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

Starting bid was $7.50; bidders pushed the plant to $25.00. There's another and the starting bid is $8.50. One set of cuttings sold for over $50.00 with a starting bid of $7.50.

It's often the bidders who push up prices and not the seller.


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Logees has nice 2 1/2" Aspen rooted starter plants for $19.95 plus shipping. At Christmas they sold for $11.00 and sold out. When they got them back in stock this spring the price increased. Mine are about 2 1/2 years old and my experience, it is not an easy schlum to grow but has been worth the money and work in keeping it alive. I was told it was difficult by many others and thought a schlum is a schlum - it's not. I have over 200 varieties and Aspen has given me a heartache but finally it started to grow and is doing well. I put all my schlums outside under shade about April 1 and bring them back in about November 1. By doing this they have grown beautifully and are loaded with buds. I love these plants and am an avid collector, my oldest is the Old Buckleyi Christmas Cactus which was my Grandmother's who passed away in 1957.

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You also have the chance of the Aspen reverting back to its original - Bridgeport. I ordered one from Logees but have to wait until spring for shipment.

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Laura Robichaud

I purchased one from Richlin's Gardens on Amazon. I think it was $12 plus shipping. It was very healthy. Very different from other schlums. The stems are much thicker, more rigid and slightly twisted. Hopefully it will bloom next season.

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