Adequate lighting for 10 gallon terrarium

DewMeisterJuly 27, 2013

Hello! So I've been perusing around online for information about lighting for a 10 gallon terrarium. I'm planning on growing my seedling sundews and the smaller, more fragile sundews I have in it. I have pretty much everything covered except the amount of Lumens necessary for this size tank.

My initial choice right now is a reflecting hood with two 26 watt cfl 6500k bulbs. I was going to coat the sides of the tank with mylar to help reflect the light.

These 2 bulbs give me around 3200 lumens, is this enough for the seedling sundews and some slightly more grown sundews?

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Bump, I've decided instead to use two of these bulbs instead, providing me with ~8000 lumens.

Only thing I'm not sure about is if these bulbs will fit into an aluminum reflector.

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