Please help my mexican butterwort!

cybunnies123(9)July 25, 2013

Hi there!,
So I have never owned a carnivorous plant before but I have done as much research as I can on taking care of my new plant. Any help would be greatly appreciated though!
I bought a pinguicula jaumavensis last weekend online and it arrived on Wednesday. They didn't even bother bringing it to my house and just left it in the mailbox! Grrr. But it looked pretty healthy, other than that its SUPER TINY, as you can see in the pictures, and it barely has a root system! I have read that pings have short roots but this one only has 2 or 3! At first, I planted it in a cactus mix (my mistake) but then read more about the type of soil to use and it now sits on rocks (only on top), sand (w/ rocks mixed in), and some moss that was shipped with it. It was much greener when I got it but now the ends are drying and turning brown! I hope I didn't water it too much.
By the way, it is monsoon season here in Tucson, AZ and it is very hot. This ping. came from Newcastle, WA.
So now here are my questions.
Is it dying?
What stage is it in? Winter/summer?
How much should I be watering it? (on the tray)
Is my soil mix ok?
Is it ok to keep it outside or should I keep it in a window where it would get direct morning sun?
Why the browning edges?


Pictures down below v

Here is a link that might be useful:

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More pictures:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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One more picture:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hey sam, I am not a butterwort expert, but what it sounds like to me is ,the plant is going through moving shock to new environment,its happened to me many times, takes time for plants to re-adjust,from what i have read some mexican worts need a drying out between waterings,not sure about which soil type is best for these guys,hopefully some one in the forum will know more to help you, good luck

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Thanks ken! I actually sent an email to the person who I bought it from and he said to keep the soil really moist by keeping water in the tray and to keep it really humid aswell. So right now i have some rocks in the tray and some water in it. i also have a "dome" like thing covering the plant so it will stay humid. i have it outside too, i hope thats okay because the guy said it was indoors in under 80 degree temps. Do you think i need to bring it inside? I have a window that gets atleast 5- hours of morning sun (direct) but he said to have it where it gets indirect light.

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hey sam, how hot is it outside there. be careful with the dome thing outside because that will be like an oven, i have almost cooked some sundews inside from afternoon sun hitting them, coming thru the windows, too much heat,I would try to filter it a little bit sam.i like my plants to get morning sun when its not too intense, but my bog is different its in sun most of the day, but they are pitcher plants and fly traps, they love it..let me know how you make out.

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I took off the dome. its actually not very hot here at the moment because of all the rain. its really humid though. should i bring it inside or leave it outside?

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I think it should be fine outside, unless it pours and washes away your soil, other wise should be fine.most CP,S love the humidity.

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Pings generally don't have much root system, so don't worry about that. Since you are in Arizona keep them in the shade and sit them in about 1/2 inch to 1 inch of distilled or reverse osmosis water.
I think of them as the cloud forest, carnivorous version of echeverias. Like echeverias, the want summer water, dislike dry hot sun and multiply by leaf pullings. Jaumavensis is one of the smaller Mexican pings. Leaf pullings usually work even with summer leaves. Just make sure to get the leaf all the way back to the white part.

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