Bowdoin(6 Penna.)February 3, 2008

Who knows what about oxalis? I just found out what it is and think it is a cute plant. Have seen it used as a border, and love the look of it. Transplanted it yesterday along the edge of my flower bed. Seems like a hardy little plant. Can it be used as an indoor plant? Is it poisonous around animals? I live in Anderson, SC, a "transplant" from Greenville, and a "transplant" from PA before that. Thanks for your input.

Emma from SC

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Tammy Kennedy

which kind of oxalis are you talking about? describe leaf color and shape, size and flower color for us, and we can be more helpful. some are indoor plants that can summer outside, some are pretty but can get weedy and others are downright weeds. yet others are nice, behaved plants for the garden.

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i love oxalis woods sorrel - the mound is pretty much evergreen in the winter and it makes the cutest little flowers - pink and white is what I have. I have no idea how to separate them but I am going to dig them up this spring and see whether they have formed little bulbets.

There are many kinds of oxalis and from what I understand a lot of people grow them inside.


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Bowdoin(6 Penna.)

Can't tell you a whole lot, since I haven't lived at this place for a full yearb yet. They're in neat little mounds, dug them up from my woodsey back yard, and assume they'll have the little pink flowers like the zillions I had in Greenville, SC. Just plain old green leaves, rounded, not square edges, and they have the bunches of bulbs and bulblets underneath. Next door neighbor has them as a border and she got hers the same way. I'm hoping to have the well-behaved variety!
Emma in SC

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Tammy Kennedy

well, if your neighbor has some already, she can probably tell you how well behaved it is. having the yellow kind here, i know it grows just fine in pots when it hitchhikes in, so my guess is the pink stuff would be fine as a houseplant. since they originated outside, you already know they are fine out there.

i don't think oxalis is poisonous- we used to eat it as kids (called it sourgrass). it does have oxalic acid, which if you have kidney problems can be an issue, but other than that it should be fine. i've not heard of it being a problem for animals, but you should be able to do a quick web search and find out for sure for the specific kind of animal you're concerned about.

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Bowdoin(6 Penna.)

Thanks for all of your responses...being in a different climate from Penn. has proven to me that you never stop learning, and when it comes to plants, sometimes you gotta fight 'em, sometimes you can't help but love 'em!
Emma in SC

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