Why you should have a broker when ordering overseas

RainforestGuyJuly 8, 2012

Many people not familiar in why importing nepenthes is an expensive task should pay particular attention to this thread.

Ordering live plant materials (whether it is nepenthes, orchids, adeniums, what ever) each country and the US has exacting rules and regulations regarding this ordering process. Having ordering from a company is not enough as these foreign countries may not be up to date with all the laws and regulations which change frequently and depending on the time of the year, etc.

A broker does many things. They call and connect with the shipper well before the plants leave them, they secure all the documents and even call them back if anything is missing, not up to date or any foreseeable problems arise. If documents are missing, they will have it in hand even though the shipment may be missing them. The broker actually informs Customs and USDA with all the pertinent documents BEFORE the shipment enters the country and usually gets all the documentation handled and taken care of quickly.

This makes the shipment land, and just a matter of the broker calling you to go to customs or USDA or where ever to collect your plants. The record for my broker is thirty minutes after the plane lands, the box is in my car. I think well worth the money spent for their services.

Just another reason why you shouldn't be in the business unless you know the business.

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How do we find a broker and how much is their fee?

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The best economically priced brokers are those brokers who broker tropical fish into the US. These brokers know the "ins" on bringing stuff into the US. They may also have a schedule which they can duplicate as one fee for multiple shipments (to include yours) to tag along with it.
When you're talking about live-perishable items, it pays to know what you are doing. If you were bringing in clothing, shoes, food items, you can wait for weeks to get it through customs. Live plants, fish, etc. not so easy.

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