what soil combo for new raised bed

lindsey5809(9)September 4, 2012

Hi there,

We have a new raised bed and I am planning on planting vegetables in there, starting with some fall ones. Can you recommend a soil mix that we can get (Home Depot is where we are going). What % of things? We have no ground soil we can use, so cost is a factor but we also want good stuff for organic gardening.

about 35 cubic feet.


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35 cubic feet is more than a yard of soil. To buy that much by the bag seems a bad idea, and also from Home Depot. My local landscape supply has over ten soil selections to choose depending on your use. I regularly buy one for potting which is probably their most expensive one at $50 a yard. Most of us have a friend with a pickup we can borrow if we don't want to pay a delivery charge. See what is available where you live. Al

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

You can probably find some real soil for free via Craig's List, you just have to be real picky and look for good stuff, not stuff full of weeds, bermuda grass, and rocks. Many people desperate to get rid of soil from remodeling projects, and some of it perfectly good (not all of it!!!).

The amendment industry is doing everything it can to convince people that native soil is no good to plant in, but guess what all our commercial fruits and veggies and grains grow in? It ain't the bagged stuff.

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