Nep. Alata overgrown!!

maorilJuly 13, 2012


few years ago i got this Nep. alata and after some advices that i've received here, it grow very well and very fast.

At first, it had grown many pitchers, some big and full and others small but all healthy and in plenty. as the time went on, it had gradually reduced the pitchers producing that has gone into 0 in the last year but started to grow very high very fast.

it is now more than 2.5 meters high with one main stalk and two other small ones but no pitchers what so ever.

I have two questions:

1. can i cut it in the middle and make it grow roots so i'll have two plants and how is it done?

2. how can i make it remember that it is carnivorous plant and that it should grow pitchers??

thank you very much up front,


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You can cut it back and use the cutting to make a new plant! I have to cut my Ventrata back ALL the time. Take a cutting with at least 4-5 leaves on it. Strip off the lower leaf and stick in in a peat/perlite mix. Bright light, keep the soil moist as usual. They are EASY to start this way.

The initiate pitcher growth first make sure it gets enough light. Then with a 1/4 strength orchid mix solution pour that onto the soil every 2-3 weeks until you see pitchers start. You can also spray that on the leaves as well.

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Thanks a lot!! i would defiantly try it.
does that mean that i can take my 2.5 meter high plant with few dozens leafs and turn it into maybe 10 plants or would they die if they are cut from both up and down?

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I did NOT say that!

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