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lboyce(Z5NY)August 12, 2012

I just know I've come to the right place right now for some advice for mylittle baby. I started her from seed and this year she really took off. A couple of days ago I noticed some little leaves at the bottom of the plant were looking droopy and then had turned black. Went out today for my daily inspection and this one particular plant now has quite a few leaves that have "rust" like spots on them and several other leaves were looking droopy and starting to turn black. I know they don't need water (big rainfall yesterday), I just fertilized and absolutely no bugs. Could this be a form of blight? I'm getting ready to have a panic attack so I'm hoping this is nothing and that's why I'm asking the experts for advice!



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Linda- that's a tough one. I've never heard of that one before! How tall is it, by the way? Could you give us a photo to better diagnose it please?

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Hi kasha77 7....First of all, I really want to let you know how much I appreciate your reply. I wish I could post a pic but unfortunately I don't have a camera to take a pic. I'm on my way out to see how she's doing this AM. I would say yht plant is at least 4 ft tall. Don't ask me why it upsets me so much when I get a sick brug!! The leaves at the top of the plant have orange like splotches on them and going towards the bottom they are turning black and falling off.


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Hi Linda- You're welcome! No worries, we all feel terrible when a brug is sick! Has it ever bloomed before? Yellow flowering angels are more prone to viruses than other colored angels. It does sound like a virus, although I've never seen that one before. Here's a link to a virus that attacks brugs. Also- brugs are in the Solanacea family, along with tomatoes, eggplant, peppers. They can share diseases by sucking insects like aphids or others hopping from plant to plant. I've read that it's a good idea to set up a spraying program on a weekly or bi weekly basis with a fungicide to protect your angels. See this link for some virus info:

You might want to do a google search to see which fungicide to use. Hope this helps!

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Also- tobacco is related to angels and tomatoes. If a smoker doesn't wash their hands and touches a brug or another plant in the solanacea family, they risk infecting it with the tobacco mosaic virus. (yes, it comes from that cigarette- another good reason to quit smoking!)
Here's some more helpful info from Pat Watson from BGI-

Once plants are infected, little can be done to free them from the virus.
1. Genetic Host Resistance

Since different cultivars and species show different degrees of resistance to some viruses, resistant types should be planted whenever they are available. Recent advances in plant cell molecular biology and virology have lead to the development of genetically modified plants with superior resistance to some viruses.
2. Cultural Practices
There are numerous cultural practices that can be used to reduce plant losses due to virus infection.
Scouting and removal of symptomatic plants or known alternative weed or volunteer plants that may serve as a reservoir for a given virus.
The use of clean or sanitized tools and equipment.
Hand washing.
The use of disposable over garments.
Rotations to non-host crops.
Geographic isolation of production facilities may also help avoid losses caused by plant viruses.
Keeping a newly acquired plant separate from your collection will help minimize the unintentional introduction of pathogens..."
To continue, copy/paste:

Maybe others can chime in to help you!

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You have outdid yourself w/info and advice. The only thing I can think of is we had a ton of rain so what I've done is isolate the plant from all the others, sprayed it and replaced the soil....not necessarily in that order. The plant is a cross between Painted Lady and I forget the other. It hasn't bloomed yet and I'm sure it won't this year either. I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

You have been such a dear to pass on such a wealth of info! I am truly grateful to you. I can't think of anything else to do at this point except hope!! I've only got about 1 and 1/2 months left of growing season and then I can relax! Again, thank you so much!


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You are welcome Linda! I just hope that your plant can recover. Let me know if you need anything- I have a few extra plants you're welcome to if you like!

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