having a senior moment...help!

twotut(N.Ca.foothills zn 9)July 27, 2007

I am a member of this forum and I can't remember how to get to my account to edit my preferences! Can I get some help? Please???


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Above the page on the green banner, next to where it sez iVillage GardenWeb, you should see a little arrow pointing Welcome - profile or Log Out. Click profile, it may ask for you password again. Just fill them out as usual and you should be on the page with your profile.

Good Luck :-)

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twotut(N.Ca.foothills zn 9)

yep,I can do that but......it's not giving me the option to modify. I want to put a picture of my ping on my profile page as an avatar( and that's not hard enough?) Now I can't even adjust MY OWN PAGE!!! How senior is that!
thanks again:)

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twotut(N.Ca.foothills zn 9)

NEVER MIND.......MY BAD!......:(

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