Something wrong with butterwort's leaves

oogalabooJuly 1, 2013

When I got mine from Terra greenhouses almost a month ago, the soil was very dry. It had one short stalk with an unopened bud, and healthy-looking green leaves with tiny flies on them.

I've been watering it with distilled water whenever it seems to be getting dry (I never let it get "dry", as I've heard butterworts like to be constantly moist). It's in a window that get's very bright light in the afternoons, but I make sure to put it behind some of my sun-loving orchids so that it gets filtered sunlight. I mist it several times a day, and leave it on my sink-counter when I have showers so that it gets humidity that way too.

My problem is: The leaves seem to be rotting/dying from the bottom up. They get yellow, then brown, turn translucent, and fall off. What is going on? Is this some sort of shedding cycle? What is wrong with the butterwort and how can I help it?

Note: The rest of the orchid is going nuts. The original bud is now a wonderful, healthy bloom, and there are four new buds coming up fast. The leaves near the centre seem to be healthy. I have noticed that the butterwort was never "sticky", not even when I got it. I haven't changed the potting medium that I got it in a month ago.


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Looks great to me. If it's just the oldest, bottom leaves dying off, that's totally fine. Just like any other plant, a Pinguicula will let it's oldest leaves die off in favor of putting energy into new growth, no plant retains all it's leaves indefinitely.

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