flytrap, how am I doing?

zachary95July 7, 2014

I just bought a vft plant saturday and it is currently monday. I bought a vft from lowes and it looked good but no red just all green, I have it set up in a betta bowl with water in tge bottom and the pot in that like the tray method with a 40w 5000k daylight fluorescent bulb. The plant has 6 heads and 3 of them have turned red inside within the 2 days and look healthy still.
Bug biting vft- $5
Betta bowl-$9
Distilled water-$1

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Another pic

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And another

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Get it out of that clear container. Also, how will you give it dormancy come fall? NO tap water. Distilled or rainwater ONLY.

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Ok sounds good. Dormancy ill set it in a fridge with a ziplock bag around it like other people have done on here and other forums. I only use distilled water on it because of the tds of it versus tap. Any tips or tricks will be appreciated. Since ill be in college this fall I wont have access to a garage for dormancy so either the fridge method or by a cold window depending on the dorms location. The window should be a cold enough place in a northern iowa winter where its -20ð outside most of the winter with wind.

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izzyizza(Zone 5/6)

How bad is it if you don't use distilled water? I've been using tap water for two weeks now, but my plant looks ok

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You are going to kill the plant using tap water. Why do people never listen? NO TAP WATER. Distilled or rainwater or RO water ONLY. Or, kill your plant.

Never mind, do what you want. I'm done banging my head against the wall with some of you people....

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