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irishalanJuly 11, 2006

i baught a nepenthes coccinea(pitcher plant) but when it was packed away in the shop some of the pitchers cracked and the liquid poured out now nearly all the pitchers are dead. will these grow back on if yes how long will it take

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nepenthes can take a while to develope new pitchers. humidity, lighting, & watering , also, time is required upon size & age of the plant.

some growers tend to foliar feed their Neps, i honestly never used any foliar fertilizers on my neps. i grow my two nepenthes in a bright window. i water them by pouring water onto their containers and allow it to drain. i only water my neps 3 times a day. after watering them, their leaves are misted with a water sprayer(purified water)
twice a day. this will maintain fair humidity around the plant. also, this will help it perk up, and help it grow new pitchers.

nepenthes can be growned in sunny windowsills. or in a bright indirect area.

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In general. CP's will often lose their dew or stop pitchering or stop spreading when in shock from shipping or a significant change in environment. As said above, they can take awhile to recover, like a few weeks. Usually, existing pitchers that are shocked are pretty much "toast". Don't worry about them. Be patient for new growth. I do just as Xymox with light and water, minus the spraying. Mine are in a bathroom window sill and get plenty of humidity from the showers!

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sorry, i didn't mean to say that i water my nepenthes 3 times a day, i meant to say 3 times a week.

my arm hurt so bad so i typed with one arm.

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Something else to note, unless I'm mistaken, each leaf only produces one pitcher. So, it will be other leaves which bring in new ones.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tangled Web of Aracknight

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