vft, problem?

sradleyeJuly 11, 2013

My friend gave me this vft a week ago. she got it at a big box store. it came in a plastic container, which seem to be referred to as death cubes. I think I jumped the gun on a lot of things. first of all I immediately fed it, who can resist. problem is I dropped the bug with its head sticking out of the trap. removed as best I could the head after. since then all the other three heads, four total, have closed. I think its the gnats in here, but now I am worried the thing is just dying on me and I think the heads are turning brown. I immediately took it out of the plastic I put back a foot from a south window on a pebble tray, after a few days moved directly into the south window sill with pebble tray. watered by spraying with distilled water and keeping tray full, but not placing the small pot directly in the water. last night I let it dry out a little more so I could flush some more water over it today, which I did. so is this thing alright or what? thanks for your help and any advice in advance. also still in tiny plastic pot with just moss.

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You need to acclimate it to FULL SUN OUTSIDE. At least 6 hours minimum. They DO NOT need to be fed by you. Keep it in a water tray with about 1" of rain or distilled water in it.

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My son had to get one of these also! Well same thing, mine started looking bad. I acclimated to outside on porch and now it is putting out new traps and growing! Just pinch off the heads of the dead ones.

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The plant looks like it's buried to deep in the moss. One of the leaves is just poking out!

The crown should where the new leaves will sprout should be level to the surface.

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ive moved this outside. im keeping in a tray of water. I do intend to repot assuming its still alive in a couple of days. I plan on 1:1 perlite to sphagnum. any other suggestions? oh and will be in a 3-4 inch plastic container.

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Use a deep pot if possible, Say 8" or more. They like deep pots. Their roots can get quite long.

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thank you for all the help everybody. one more question... tommy I saw your grow page and it says your dormant period is accomplished by sticking in the refrigerator. so these need zero light during dormancy? I am in western new York can I just leave on the porch for the winter? or is that too dormant? can get below zero here. better for the 35 to 40 degrees in the fridge?

hope I make it this far lol

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It gets TOO cold here in N.Y. for them outside. They wouldn't survive. If you have a basement or unheated garage that stays about 35-40 all winter that would also work. I don't have those places so mine go into Zip lock bags and into the fridge. Same with my Sarracenia. No light doesn't seem to be an issue, I've had my plants for at least 5-6 years now.

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yep too cold. its a miracle when I emerge each spring. thank you very much for the help

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mine came straight out of the container, right into my home made bog,lots of sun and its growing and getting along just fine.

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