OT: Happy Halloween!!!

moonwolf_gwOctober 26, 2011

Hi everyone,

Happy Halloween!!!! I just wanted to show you my costume. I made the box from scratch (gold wrapping paper, foam stickers and glitter glue and glitter) and glued the sequins to the jacket.

Feel free to share your Halloween pictures as well!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Good job Brad! Happy Halloween to you too. My college kids are still dressing up for Halloween too but not me. I don't know what they're going to be.
Many years ago when I was in college, I worked at a theater that played Rocky Horror Picture Show occasionally so that brings back some memories. lol

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Thank you, Christie!

I'm glad it brings back some good memories for you! :) I wish a theater around here would play the movie. I would love to see it on the big screen someday! I hope your kids have fun. I'm in their age group, so I'm not the only one my age that still dresses up lol.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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This year is my 1st GD's birthday/Halloween/Slumber party. I started this tradition with my daughter "way back when....". My daughter's birthday is October 20th, and my GD's is the 26th. We've been doing decorations, e.g., crime scene tape around the shrubs, a bloody corpse on the outdoor sofa, hanging shrouds, skeletons, burial ground with headstones, spider webs complete with spiders, spooky music, ghosts in the yard, and much more.

We are having an apple dunk and pumpkin painting/decorating contest. All the girls will come in costume.

I did this for several years for my daughter and the kids always had a blast, and each year everyone vied for an invite to her party. My GD is so excited for her 1st experience. We didn't have a lot of $ when my daughter had hers, so we always designed our own costumes. One year I remember we did Medusa. I did small rubber snakes twined around florist wires, weaved into hair.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Halloween! I come from a small town in Kansas that celebrated this holiday in a large way, with a festival call Neewollah (knee-ah-wall-ah), or Halloween spelled backward. A Queen Neelah is selected among HS students, a stage play (Willie Wonka this year), two parades, carnival, food vendors, contests. It lasts 10 days now, Pretty big for a town of 10,000.

Did I say I love Halloween?

Great look, Brad!


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Very creative of you! I plan on being a butterfly, I got a butterfly mask and then I have to figure out how to get this butterfly kite to work as my wings.

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Nice costume Brad, looks like you're set for a fun Halloween.

Susan, have fun starting your NEW tradition with your GD. sounds like they are in for quite a treat.

With it's brilliant orange and black design, I think the monarch makes a perfect Halloween mascot, no? Happy Halloween to all, Tony

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Thank you again, everyone!

Here's a couple more pictures for you guys! I added more sequins to the jacket. Enjoy!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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LOVE your costume, Brad! Are actually going to see/participate in the Rocky Horror Picture Show?


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Thank you, Susan!

No, I'm just a fan of the movie/musical and this is my very favorite costume I have ever worn! I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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KC Clark - Zone 2012-6a OH

This seems like a good thread to put this. An entomologist I know shared something on Facebook, a very fancy monarch butterfly dress. My research shows this dress was designed by Luly Yang out of Seattle. I believe the dress is from 2006. I've read that the dress was priced anywhere from $10k to $25k.

The website I'm linking has a colorful metaphor in the name but I believe that is the only objectionable thing on the page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gorgeous monarch butterfly dress

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That is a stunning dress, KC! After seeing it, the price doesn't really surprise me.


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