N. Ventricosa too much sun

steventaylorJuly 13, 2008

I recently moved my Nep outside and what I thought would be a good place for it apparently got really hot sunlight all day. When I came home from work most of the leaves had brown on them and a few were completely dried out and brown. All of the traps have suffered and growth seems to have stopped almost completely. I had also transplanted into an orchid basket. Do I need to do anything more than trim the dead leaves and give it time? Or do I need to try to make a cutting to salvage the still healthy upper portion of the plant?

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nepenthes often do not care for direct light outside. It probably needs shade during the afternoon/mid day.

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I learned that even early morning sun is not good. The plant will be o.k., give it time but get it OUT of ANY sunlight!

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orchidguyftl(z11 FTL FL)

Moving directly into the direct sun from lower sunlight is nefver good with any plant. My Nepanthes has been growing in full sun for 2 years now. It grows like a weed, BUT it gets watered everyday, and I mean a full and complete soaking, The traps have the most intense coloration to them since they have been in full sun, but the leaves, like orchid leaves, contain a highly red color, just as people get sunburn, the pigment is to protect the leaves.
You might be able to get the plant used to the sunlight but get it accustomed SLOWLY.
good luck

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It was too much too fast. Follow the above advice.

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