What's eating my butterfly eggs and cats???

saldutOctober 2, 2012

I see the eggs and then the next day they are gone...also the cats disappear overnite...as a result I have few butterflys. I haven't seen or found the culprit and wonder if anyone can guide me... here in central Fla. we are overrun with bugs of all kinds, someone suggested 'paper wasps', another suggestion was 'assasin bugs', here on the Fla. Forum, but I have not seen any in my no-spray garden... maybe someone can suggest something?? Thanks, sally

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

The possibilities are endless as to what's getting them. In my area, predatory stink bugs are usually common and eat many caterpillars given the opportunity. It could be that they're dying for what reason I don't know - do mosquito spray trucks frequent your streets?

There are also some critters that reportedly take butterfly eggs, although fortunately for me, they don't occur here.

A good solution is to take the eggs on the leaves they're on, put the stems of these leaves in water picks or left over containers with water in them and holes punched in the tops and raise them in cages yourself. The FAQ section should have links to information on how to raise them.


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