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HegoryJuly 18, 2011

Hey RainforestGuy, will MaxSea fertilizer work for neps the same way Growmore will? they are selling it online at california carnivores.

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MaxSea, while I haven't used it myself, I have heard that others who do like it with good results. Start a little less than full strength and work upwards. Be sure (with all fertilizers) that you flush out the pots in between with plain water.

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How many pitchers do you normaly get at a time on a plant? my ventrata has about 20-30 pitchers on it but they are all only about two inches tall, even though it is a mature plant.

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Pitcher numbers can vary from species to species. The alata group has the most persistent pitchers that rarely brown even as the plant progresses. So many factors affect how long a pitcher lasts. High humidity is a key factor. Too wet or too dry variations can also affect pitcher staying power. I have had pitchers from seedling stage all the way to fully developed uppers remain in perfect coloration and appearance right through the plant. This has a lot to do with the plant being well nourished and fertilized with a soluble fertilizer on a regular basis. Plants that are only fed through insect prey usually have the least number of pitchers and rarely have a perfect pitcher while a new one is developing. In other words, the plant is only capable of producing a single pitcher at a time ecause the plant doesn't have enough nutrients to keep and grow new ones. this is not the case in the wild, where a plant can sport dozens of pitchers simultaneously at once.

My N. ventricosa does ok, but not as many as my alata types.

But my ventricosa's are slightly larger than the tc form.

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I live in Utah, so humidity can be rather low most of the time here, and we usualy get 90-100F temperatures during the summer here, but in the middle of the day when my plants are in the shade they usually experience 70-85F temps.

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Try putting up an automatic misting system to bring humidity levels higher. I have seen battery operated timers, or even machines that make a mist through a fan to add humidity to the air. Place these on timers that go off for the hottest and driest portions of the day.

Keeping plants and other tropicals in close proximity will also increase humidity.

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Those uppers there are truly magnificant. I got a new spray nozzle with a misting function, and since I'm on summer break I have plenty of time to mist and watch them grow.

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What kind is the one with big upper pitchers?

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The last image is an upper of maxima x truncata, sometimes called Marbled Dragon.

It can get rather huge (even larger than shown). For this hybrid, it is safe to say lots of water + lots of light = bigger pitchers!

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Yeah, I fertilized my neps this morning and tommorow I am going to flush out the pots of excess salt, then I am just going to have to wait. what do the lower pitchers look like, if you have some? I knew it had some truncata in there, because of the over all look of the pitcher.

I was wondering if you have ever had a Ventrata, and how big the pitchers on mine can get, assuming I grow it right which shouldn't be too hard. because I only have two plants other than the Home Depot one, a ventrata and a ventricosa(I think). Do you know any good sources for seed grown plants?

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Ventrata doesn't really get so big, but they can be overwhelming in quantities of pitchers. I once had a small Ventrata in a six inch hanging basket with over a hundred pitchers on it all at one time. Of course this plant had been pruned so there were multiple stems of leaves with many many pitchers on it.
The largest in size was about eight inches.

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when I first bought it, it had a pitcher about seven inches on it, it lasted really long too. now that it has been fertilized I just have to be patient with it now, and let it grow.

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