pitcher plants in water gardens

slippersleuth(z6 PA)July 14, 2008

I planted pitcher plants of various types in a mixture of sphag and peat moss in a plastic netted basket to grow in my water garden. Since I use a pond heater in the winter everything has survived for three years. Now I notice a rush aggressively growing in with the pitcher plants but I hesitate to pull it out thinking that the root structure of the rush may give some stability to the root structure of the pitcher plants. Because the water level of the pond is variable due to occassional heavy rains, I have always worried about the pitcher plants washing away.Should I be concened about the rush choking out the pitcher plant or competing for nutrients with it? The one pitcher plant is blooming and it looks as if it will have seeds. What are my chances of the seeds turning into mature plants? Are special conditons need for their growth. Thanks for any advice/opinions.

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Here is an exellent link Slippery sluth for you to check out . It will show you in photos how to collect Serricenia seeds the right way .And will more then satisie your curiousity . Good luck and happy growing Doowop / http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/carnivor/msg0721173624902.html?29654&pp_user=doowop_6116&pp_ticket=ivcdjzkcwzRFg

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