Nepenthes ID and care tips for a newbie

haxuan(Vietnam)July 1, 2009

I have just bought a pitcher plant which has no name tag attached.

Could you please help me with its ID and care tips?

Many thanks for your advice.

Xuan (Vietnam)

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For now it looks like the rare Nepenthes globosa (sp. Viking) "Grade C". "Grade C" because a variety N. globosa has a longer neck. As you can see of my pictures of my plants.

It looks almost quite similar to your plants. My plant is "Grade B" because the neck is shorter. A "Grade A" globosa are very round and no neck at all. But a more accurate ID can be made when the plant grows a little bigger; by then the urns will acquire the typical shape of its species.

Anyways, where did you get your plant and what type of soil are you using?

The current mixture we use here is the simplest: 1 part sphagnum peat moss and 1 part perlite. Although some growers, including myself, add 1 part fine orchid bark to the mix. That provide good drainage, Nepenthes don't like to have their roots in water. Growers over in your parts use coconut fiber but I have no experience with coconut fiber. But make sure you water with distilled water, if not, Revers Osmosis water. YOu have to use with low minerals, so using well water will be no good since well water has lots of minerals.

You live in Vietnam, if you donÂt live in the drier cooler parts of the country. You will do fine, since most of your country is humid & warm. Just provide over 10 hours of filtered sunlight; IÂve seen photos of growers in your region growing Nepenthes in their back yard.

Either way It is a very nice plant.

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Thank you, hunter.
So you mean this plant will not thrive if I were to live in the drier and cooler part of Vietnam? I was thinking of taking the plant up to our mountain home!!!

I got my plant locally but I suppose the seller could have had imported it from Thailand or somewhere around. Right now it's in coconut "dust" + aquarium sand. I think I will add some perlite to the mix.

By the way, someone else has just given me the name of N. thorelii Cambodia. Do you agree to this name?

Also, hunter, do you think I have planted the plant too high? Should I lower it to cover the 'base' completely?


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Since you live in Vietnam I think thorelii is much more likely. I know one guy who has collected a whole bunch of thorelii from areas being developed in Vietnam. Your's has multiple branches at a young age which also makes it more likely to be a thorelii. Thorelii is one of the only neps with a rizome. And thorelii tends to be kinda expensive. How much did it cost? Thorelii is more of a lowland plant.

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It could be a N. thorelii. The problem with small plants is that itÂs hard to identify them. It may take a year to a full year for it to produce slightly larger traps that can be easily more identifiable. Right now it looks like a N. gobosa but looking it again, it does look like a thorelii too. DonÂt worry, had the same problem, with a ventrata. For a moment it looked like a ventricosa, but now it is easily identifiable as a ventrata.

Either way both globosa and thorelii are lowlands, it you want to take it to the high country, make sure you take an aquarium to maintain warmth and humidity. Looks okay to me, it will grow up into a vine. Just make sure all the root system is covered up with the soil.

Good luck!

But one thing, it does looks like a thorelii.

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Thank you very much, alcran and hunter, for confirmation of the ID.

I will check again to make sure the root system is covered.


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