Venus Fly Trap

organic_mathewJuly 3, 2007

Hi again,

I have been keeping my VFTs in a kind of shady part of my porch. They have been growing great so far. I put them out in the sun for *ONE* hour to "slowly get them used to the sun" and now the "claws" on the "mouths" of my venus fly traps are turning black. (sorry I couldnt think of any other way to describe that lol) what could this mean? Should I just leave them in the shade instead of the sun or is this just normal? Thanks for any help.


Pharr, TX

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They have to aclimate to the sun. Eventually you need to give them FULL Sun all day. Put them in early morning or late afternoon sun fist then slowly (over the coarse of say a week givethem more and more sun. Remember, distilled or rainwater ONLY. No bottled water, no tap water.

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Also, you can acclimate them in windows to reduce UV for a couple of weks in morning sun, then all day sun windows, then outside in slight shade during noon, then out in full sun all day. Keep the progression slow and steady over several weeks and the plant will adapt its leaves to high UV light. It might still experiecne some leaf burn, but will grow new leaves that will be adapted to full sun.

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