Any news on Royal Lee or Minnie Royal

jim123(z9 or z10 CA)September 14, 2008

Does anyone have updated information of availability of these low chill cherries this winter?

I would like to plant them this year. I'm looking for them on Citation rootstock with Z-stem interstem.

They are not on the pre-order list from Dave Wilson Nursery.

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I don't think you're going to find any place willing to ship them if you want them "this year", i.e. 2008. You'll have to go look in person at your local nurseries for potted ones.
If you are willing to wait until next spring for bareroot, Raintree has both of them listed on their website:

Carla in Sac

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Are those the best tasting low chill? Will they work in a no spray garden?

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jim123(z9 or z10 CA)

The listing at Raintree is for trees on Mazzard rootstock. I'm looking for Citation with Z stem. IIRC last year Raintree had them with Citation / Z stem.

I have no idea how spray free they may be, but they are reportedly the lowest chill cherries available, so low that the real chill requirement isn't really known.

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greenwitch(Sz19 SoCal)

Check Bay Laurel Nursery - they ship and I'm pretty sure they had them on a dwarfing rootstock last year. I'm not sure when they start taking orders (November?) but you could call and ask them.
I had put in a pre-order with Green Arrow Nursery in Mission Hills (San Fernando Valley) but had to cancel my order last year.

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I got mine at Rainbow Gardens in Glendora. I had to order them last year, but they had 10-20 in stock at the time, which was several months ago. You can try to give them a call, or place an order for next year.


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If you really want them this year and not willing to wait for the early 2009 call the nursery akarinz recommended. But another site you may want to try is Peaceful Valley which is but they wont have their bareroot selection until November.

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jim123(z9 or z10 CA)


Bare root time is approaching. I'm looking for these cherry tries on Citation root stock.

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Both these varieties are Dave Wilson trees.

I would either contact Dave Wilson for the rootstock info or go to their website to find your local nurseries that carry their trees. I am unsure of your county but they have an informative website. Also, their rootstock is plainly tagged when you purchase their trees.

Note: Our CRFG chapter members (OC) had the opportunity to take part in a group purchase of these trees along with many other stonefruit for early 2009 delivery.

Good luck.


Here is a link that might be useful: Dave Wilson retailers by county

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jim123(z9 or z10 CA)


I have not had any trouble finding the trees on standard root stock. I'm looking for a source for Citation rootstock. I don't want to wait 10 years for my first crop. I have talked with some of the nurseries listed for Ventura County, and none of them have ordered these trees on Citation, as it is not on their order list from Dave Wilson.

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Hi Jim,

Now I understand.

You are looking for the Zee Stem interstock of Citation (peach/nectarine/plum rootstock) developed and patented by Zeiger for cherries.

Since both Minnie Royal and Royal Lee are both patented by Dave Wilson, and Zaiger Genetics has the close relationship with Dave Wilson, I would contact Dave Wilson directly for into on availability and where to purchase, or the name of a grower that is propagating. I am guessing it may only be commercially available.

Looking at the special order form for nurserymen who are retailing, only the choice of Colt or Mazzard are offered.


Here is a link that might be useful: Zee interstock article

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We have Cherry Trees planted in our Japanese garden at our Water recycling plant in the Valley Near Sepulveda Dam , they are all diseased, and the Director or the Hunttington told them that they will not live in zone 10. The Huntington Gardens is in zone 10 and so am I. I have not tried them in my Sandy soil, the flowers are beautiful, I wish I could grow them. It may depend if you have a micro climate. Norma

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Do you mean to say that on standard root stock it will take 10 year to get cherries, but that it will be less on citation root stock?

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jim123(z9 or z10 CA)


The two varieties, Royal Lee and Minnie Royal, will work in the San Fernando Valley. They are newly developed low chill cherries. Furthermore, part of the problem with cherries in general is that they are very finicky about the soil they are planed in. This will be much less of a problem with Citation rootstock.


Yes, cherries grown on most standard size rootstocks can take up to ten years to bear. Citation make them precocious and should bear in three years.

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greenwitch(Sz19 SoCal)

Norma, I am in Granada Hills - 3 years ago I planted two Japanese flowering cherries, two Prunus mume, a Taiwan flowering cherry and a hybrid Blireana. The flowering cherries haven't grown much in three years, one mume is dead and the second looks to be dying, only Blireana is thriving. I also have Lapins and Royal Rainier, they are doing fine, they were planted later and Lapins has fruited a small amount the last two springs. The mumes at the Huntington look OK and Descanso has a beautiful collection of Japanese flowering cherry trees. If I had to do it over, I would plant something different they just don't seem to shine in this climate (at my house anyway).

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H & H Nursery in Lakewood Ca has had Minnie Royal and Royal Lee low chill cherries the last few years. Here are some pictures of the ones at my neigbhor's house across the street. The trees are a little over 3 years old now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Low chill cherry trees in Southern California

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