Moonflowers in Bay Area

dfaustclancySeptember 6, 2013

Hi guys,

Would like to know if anyone has been able to grow moonflowers, also known as datura, in the Bay Area - specifically Pacifica, CA? Here is a link to show you what they like like...

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Hi there, are you moving to Pacifica from Boston? There is an essential book for western gardeners, by Sunset magazine, called the Sunset Western Garden Book. This will give an accurate climate info for your area and a huge plant guide with local hardiness for each plant.
I live in San Jose, still bay Area, but a very different climate, dryer and hotter than Pacifica. Everyone has datura and brugmansia here. Locally they are usually called Angels Trumpet. They are beautiful, fragrant, and also very poisonous. Also I grow the annual moonflower vine, a fragrant night blooming morning glory relative.
Hope this helps,

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Hi PP,
Thanks so much for the posting. Not moving, just sprucing up a rental. I knew datura is poisonous, so maybe not a good choice for my tenant who has a dog that she adores.... Dogs eat anything right? Sheesh. Maybe in
the front, where the dog doesn't roam. If I plant some seeds this week, any idea how long they will take to flower?
Here on the East Coast, I plant them now, and they come up the following summer late in the year from seed. I also start some in the house to get a jump on the short growing season here in 5a. Yes, I am aware that San Jose has a much different climate, you lucky dog! Everything grows there so well! I figure if I plant seeds in Pacifica this week, they may bloom by Christmas? If not, I guess they will come up when they are good and ready! Do you know anything about hardy hibiscus or Primula Japonica? Just thought I'd ask... Thanks so much.

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Yes-- a neighbor had one right here in Hayward. About 6-7' I think it was. That was about 7-8 years ago.
So,hot summers are not needed.

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